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Using the Thesis Navigation Menu – Part 3 – Adding Drop Down Pages

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In this beginner series we are exploring all the aspects of the WordPress and Thesis interface. We begin with what the Thesis Site Options are and what they do for your site. In this video we continue to look at the Navigation Menu and in particular the Thesis nav menu options. Here we show you how to add drop down pages to the thesis nav menu for child pages and how those work.

Video Transcript

Now that also happens to be the case with child pages. So for example, if we select these 2 children pages, child page 1 and child page 2, and then let’s select level 1, level 2, and level 3. What’s true about these pages is these are subpages of a page. And so, if we save this, now what we end up with is a drop down… oh isn’t that interesting? Oh no, pardon me, refresh it of course. Now you can see we’ve added level 1 to the menu and it drops down level 2 which drops down level 3. And if we go to our page menu for a moment, you can see that level 1 is the main parent page. Level 2 is a child page of level 1. If we look at quick edit, it says the parent is level 1 and if we look at quick edit level 3, it says the parent is 2. So this is how you get this sort of nested drop down list. You get the nested drop down list by having pages be subpages or child pages of another page which is why level 1 shows level 2 when you hover over it because level 2 is a subpage of level 1 and why level 3 shows up when you hover over level 2 because level 3 is a subpage of level 2.

Now you notice that we selected a couple of other pages that are not showing up here. And the reason they aren’t showing up here is that their parent page isn’t showing up here. So if we come back to this again for a moment and look for the parent pages of… see that parent page, child page 1 and child page 2, these are all pages that are related to each other. But because the parent page wasn’t added to the navigation menu, even checking child page 1 and child page 2, those didn’t show up on the navigation menu either.

So if we want those to show up on the navigation menu then what we do is we go to Site Options and Pages and we actually have to turn on parent page in order for that to work. And notice what happens here when we select parent page. Parent page is now going to sit in front of level 1 page because of the way this is organized. And let’s just look at that so that you can see how that works.

Now we’ve got parent page, child page 1 and child page 2 in front of level 1 and that’s the case because of the way… of the order in which these are. Level 1…child page 1 is in front of level 1. If we move level 1 up and leave its child pages down here, it’s still going to move. I must have failed to save that. Level 1 ahead of child pages so it should be ahead of parent page… oh ahead of parent page… refresh this. Now you can see level 1 went ahead of parent page even though… and level 2 and level 3 go below it even though level 2 and level 3 are actually behind parent page. Anyway, we’ll go ahead and turn those off. That’s how you set pages.

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