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Using Thesis Site Options

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Part 1 – Thesis Title Tag Settings

In this beginner series we are exploring all the aspects of the WordPress and Thesis interface. We begin with what the Thesis Site Options are and what they do for your site. In this video we explore what the Title Tag Settings are. These are found under the Document Head section. Title tags are what that show up as the title or first line in a search result. One of the things that Thesis’s Title Tag Settings allow is for the site name to automatically be appended to the page titles.

Video Transcripts

Well, we’ll start with looking at the document head. Now this whole section really addresses questions of search engine optimization or issues related to search engine optimization. Although it does use some technical terms so it can be difficult to identify what’s going on here.

So the first thing we’ll look at is the Title Tag Setting. Your title tag is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization. The title tag is the thing that shows up at the title of a search. So if we go back to Favicon Generator for a moment, this favicon, the ico generator, that is the title tag of the site. Just like favicon from pics how to create a 5-icon .ico for your website. That is the title tag of this page.

And so, a title tag is very important. Now, this allows you to automatically append something to the title tag. And in particular, you can append the site name to your title tag. So if we were to do this, say a append site name to page titles and save it, then we come over and look at our site and look at the page source, we have a title tag… where did we go here? Okay, the title… oh this is the home page, I’m sorry. So it doesn’t… it’s not as useful. In fact, let’s go to demo 1 here and then look at the page source.

So on demo 1, the title was language switching but then what it did was it added this hyphen and then Rick’s Forum Demonstrations which is the title of the site. And so you can see, language switching, that was the actual title for the site and Rick’s Forum Demonstrations which is this title, has been added to that title tag.

So if we go back to Site Options and we remove that then rather than having the name of the site appended to it, what will happen is it would just have the name of the page itself or the title of the page itself. And so, now if we look at the page source, you can see the title is language switching. So that’s what that does.

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