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Using Thesis Site Options – Part 10 – Thesis Custom StyleSheet Options

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In this beginner series we are exploring all the aspects of the WordPress and Thesis interface. We begin with what the Thesis Site Options are and what they do for your site. In this video we look at the Custom Stylesheet Options section which contains Enable Stylesheet. We explain why this is something that you might want to leave checked even though as a beginner you might not be using Thesis Custom Stylesheets to style your website.

Video Transcript

Okay next is custom stylesheet options. Now really this is something that you just want to leave checked. As a beginner, you aren’t using the custom stylesheet because you aren’t changing custom…the custom stylesheet. You’re doing everything without code. However, you’re going to have enough http requests as it is that… it seems to me like it’s more likely that when you decide you want to edit your custom stylesheet, that you’ll forget that you’ve unchecked this. So I would just leave this checked as it is.

But if you’re never going to use your custom stylesheet, your custom CSS sheet, and if you’re never going to add any custom CSS code then you can unselect this and that will mean that Thesis doesn’t load the custom CSS when your page loads. And it will have an incremental effect on the speed of your site, very small increment but nevertheless an increment.

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