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Using Thesis Site Options – Part 3, Thesis Robots Meta Tags – nofollow

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In this beginner series we are exploring all the aspects of the WordPress and Thesis interface. We begin with what the Thesis Site Options are and what they do for your site. In this video we continue to explore the options under Document Head and here we focus on the Robots Meta Tags. They are designed to help you control what search engines index on your site. The second Robots Meta Tag is nofollow which tells the search engines not to follow the links on a specific page. We explain which pages we find to be useful to select as nofollow.

Video Transcript

Okay nofollow tells the search engines not to follow the links on that specific page. And this is a way of you know, preventing the link juice, as some people say, from moving from your page to other sites. As a general rule, I don’t use nofollow except that I think it works pretty well again for all of these things. I allow follow tags off of category pages and subpages. But this just means don’t follow links on any particular page.

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