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Using Thesis Site Options – Part 7 – Thesis Syndication/Feed URL

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In this beginner series we are exploring all the aspects of the WordPress and Thesis interface. We begin with what the Thesis Site Options are and what they do for your site.  In this video we continue to explore the options under Document Head and here we focus on the Syndication/Feed URL.  The default feed URL is your site name/feed and that is produced by WP but you have the option here of using an alternative method for displaying your feed, for example with Feedburner or another service.

Video Transcript

Okay so then after canonical URLs, we have the syndication feed URL. Now, the default feed URL is just your website name/feed. And you can see that here, here is the Thesis feed link and if you hover over that, you can see down here in the lower left-hand corner, it says And that is the standard feed URL that is produced by WordPress.

However, you have the option of using alternative methods for displaying your feed. And the most well-known feed burning service is Feed Burner. And if you want to use Feed Burner to manage your RSS feed, you can put your feed burner URL here.

So for example, on my main website, I don’t actually have that regular RSS subscribe here but on my main website, if we go over to the blog and hover over my feed icon, you can see down here below that my URL for my feed burner version of my feed is And so if I was using the Thesis RSS link then I could put that address in that location and with that address in that location, when somebody clicks on this feed link, it would bring up the subscription options for my feed burner version of my feed.

Now it doesn’t make the traditional WordPress version of the feed go away. They can still access the WordPress feed from the site name/feed. But it does switch this link so that this Thesis subscribe link automatically subscribes to the feed burner one instead of the traditional one.

Okay, that’s syndication feed URL.

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