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How to Choose the Right WordPress Shopping Cart – Part 14 – Overview of Cart66

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Cart66 Fee Structure and Support

Finally, we have Cart66. Cart66 is a paid plugin by Cart66 and it costs $89 a year per site. That $89 a year gives you support for one site, you can buy the developer’s version which is what I did for $200 and some odd dollars a year. The fee is per year and it doesn’t have any extensions at all.

Cart66 is Simple to Set Up

It doesn’t really need extensions at all, it pretty much just exists as it exists and this means that it is actually very easy to set up. Cart66 is probably the simplest one to set up and the reason is that it has very limited features.

We’re going to see that here in a minute but essentially, it has probably 25% of the features set of a typical shopping cart plugin. Now, that means that it does its 25% really well and it’s quite easy to set up and make work but does have a very limited feature set.

It’s not part of any kind of an ecosystem which means it doesn’t have anything specifically that it integrates with automatically. It can integrate with a bunch of different things but it’s not part of any larger family of plugins and themes that work especially well with it.

Cart66 Weakness – Hype vs Reality

Its biggest weakness actually is, it’s hype versus reality. It does a very good job of sounding like it’s going to be able to do the job. You’ll notice here that it says over and over again that it does memberships and subscriptions. But actually, in terms of subscriptions, I say it doesn’t do subscriptions because it only does them in one very limited way with PayPal and that limited way actually prevents you from doing other stuff you probably want to do.

So for all intents and purposes, even though they trumpet the fact that it does subscriptions, it is so limited as to be useless for most people. It certainly could do subscriptions, they certainly could use normal PayPal payment gateways stuff to process subscriptions but they don’t.

When you look on their support forums, it seems pretty clear that they’re long on talk and not real long on delivery. Forum posts go unanswered often for extended periods of time. In any case, their biggest weakness really is their long on talk and short on delivery.

It also has, as I said before, very limited features set and in particular, if you want to do variations or bundles, you just pretty much need to choose something else.

It seems to me like they’re really investing their energy not in Cart66 but in other things they’re trying to sell like this Cart66 Cloud. And they have other things too, other payment gateway systems that they put together.

Anyway, it certainly does the job on very simple sites but you have to take everything they say with a grain of salt and be prepared for it not to work the way that you would assume it would work based on what they tell you.

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