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How to Choose the Right WordPress Shopping Cart – Part 13 – Overview of Shopp

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Shopp Fee Structure and Support

The next WordPress Shopping Cart to discuss is Shopp. I have been working with Shopp for a number of years and I have a quite a bit of instruction on the site on how to use Shopp. It’s a paid plugin by and it costs $55 per site which includes 1 year of support for each paid site.

You can also buy priority support and then things like that in addition to that but it’s theoretically possible for you to install Shopp on as many sites as you want. But if it’s not a registered site with them you’re not going to get support for it, it won’t be notified of updates and upgrades. It does have the ability for you to buy an unlimited developer license which is what I have which gets past all that stuff.


It does have a number of paid extensions but it doesn’t have any free extensions except for mine. On, I have the Thesis Shopp Connect plugin which is a free extension. The majority of the payment gateways that it supports have some sort of fee associated with them. The same thing is true for storage engines and shipping modules and SSL and a few of their other add ons. There are a number of extensions that can be added onto Shopp.

Shopp is Very Full Featured and Highly Customizable

Shopp is very full featured,that is, most of the things that you want to do in Shopp, you can do. It’s slightly less full featured than WooCommerce just because WooCommerce has a larger system of people writing add ons for it. I’d say it’s second only to WooCommerce, nobody else’s comes close how full featured Shopp is.

It’s also very customizable. In fact, it’s intended to be customized which really makes it a developer’s theme. I started teaching it and then realized that the mistake I was making was I was teaching a theme that really requires PHP, HTML and CSS. You don’t have to know those things but if you don’t know those things, you have to live with the way the layouts work.

It’s really intended for people who know PHP, HTML and CSS so that they can make their stores any way they want. It has a very very extensive API which makes it very easily customized.

Shopp Weakness – Bugs

Now, its biggest weakness is that it has bugs and some of those bugs are proving to be very slow to be resolved. Once upon a time, when I first started teaching my class, Shopp was in one point, 1.9 and it worked spectacularly all the time. I didn’t have any problems with it whatsoever but then, Shopp went through a major overhaul and was entirely rewritten and came up with 1.2.

That was a good improvement in a lot of ways but it turned out to be also an improvement that had tons of bugs in it and all of a sudden, things that should be working just weren’t working in stores.

I think the most persistent problem right now is it’s integration with the US Postal Service shipping. That one seems to be defying their ability to get it worked on or it’s only existing in some folks’ sites. I would say that right now, Shopp is too buggy to really use today unless you’re already committed to using Shopp and it’s already working for you but I’ve just seen too many instances of it failing because of little bugs.

Now, I don’t think that’s going to last forever and I think that they will figure out how to recover the software so that it works flawlessly all the time but they’re not there yet. So today, I don’t recommend anybody to start using Shopp because I just don’t know where the problems lie. I do know that if you want to include international shipping and the US Postal Service shipping rates, it just doesn’t work properly anymore. So anyway, that’s its biggest drawback.

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