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How to Choose the Right WordPress Shopping Cart – Part 12 – Overview of WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Fee Structure and Support

The next WordPress Shopping cart to discuss is WooCommerce which is a free plugin by Woo Themes. And the way WooCommerce works is they give you the plugin free. It’s a very full featured, very powerful well-done plugin except that it doesn’t come with any support.


And almost everybody using it needs to end up buying an extension or two or three or four and when you add those extensions, that’s when you start paying them money. When you buy those extensions, that does get you one year of support with them for those extensions but there is no automatic support otherwise.

First, both the plugin and their extensions can be used on as many sites as you wish and there is no restriction on that, no upgrade restrictions, nothing like that.

They do have a handful of free extensions that you can use to add a little bit of extra functionality to it. So if you look at their free extensions, you can change the product details up a little bit, there’s actually a payment gateway available, you can archive products, you can have a little sold out products widget, there are a bunch of individual things.

Somebody asked me about Bitcoin payment and that’s a free add on and so there are a number of extensions that are free that you may find useful.

WooCommerce – the Most Full Featured Shopping Cart System

There are also a very large number, the largest number of any of the other plugins, of paid extensions which actually ends up making WooCommerce very full-featured. I don’t think there’s any question that it is the most full-featured shopping cart system for WordPress. It may not be as full-featured in some areas as WP eStore is but overall, it has the ability to have more features than anybody else does.

One of the reasons that’s the case is because it has a very clean API that people can tie into and then add or create extensions. So it’s just a very full-featured shopping cart.

Woo Themes – Many Themes and Extensions That Work Together

Now, it also exists inside of a large ecosystem both of themes that you can buy from Woo Themes and also these extensions that I’ve shown. I don’t really know how many extensions there are but there are hundreds and hundreds of extensions available.

WooCommerce Weakness – Limited Digital Security and Cost

Its biggest weakness really is, it has fairly limited digital security. It does not have a system of encryption and it does not have a system of connecting with essentially a closed Amazon bucket. And so, the security for digital products with Woo is essentially security through obscurity but there is no opportunity for you to have encrypted delivery of digital products.

I guess the second highest weakness of it is also one of its strengths I suppose but it’s likely to be the highest cost choice especially if you’re using Thesis 2. It’s going to be the highest choice but it’s likely to be the highest cost because the chances are, you’re going to put together 4 or 5 extensions in order to accommodate everything you want to do and by that point, you’ve spend anywhere between $150 and $500 depending upon what those extensions are.

Somebody said they wanted me to teach this WooCommerce because they love the idea of free, free, free, free and fair enough, it’s definitely free but most people are going to need to buy extensions for it in order to use it the way they want to use it.

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