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How to Choose the Right WordPress Shopping Cart – Part 10 – Overview of WP eStore

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We’re going to take a moment now just to talk about each of the plugins and I’m going to give you my general impressions of each of these plugins before we dive into the specifics. We’ll begin with an overview for WP eStore.

WP eStore Fee Structure and Support

WP eStore is sold by Tips & Tricks HQ and costs $49. That $49 allows you to install it on as many sites as you want and it provides 1 year of support. You have complete access to their support forums but you only get 1 year of support with that. You do get regular lifetime updates. And you can buy additional years of support at a discounted rate so that’s how their fee structure works.


WP eStore does come with a fairly wide variety of extensions and the majority of those extensions are free. They have one extension that costs and that one is their extension for additional payment gateways which can only be used on one site but besides that, all of their extensions are free.

Excels at Digital Products

WP eStore really excels at digital products. In fact, they state that it’s a “Complete solution to sell digital products from your WordPress blog securely”. This is really their raison d’etre, this plugin exists primarily to sell digital products and because of that, it actually has the widest range of digital product functionality of any plugin.

No plugin comes close to all of the variations in digital product delivery that WP eStore contains. It also has the highest level of digital security so if you want to provide people with expiring, securely encrypted digital download links, WP eStore does the best job of that than of any of the plugins. It’s very strongly focused providing secure system for automatically delivering content once somebody’s made a purchase.

Tips & Tricks Plugins Automatically Work Together

It also is part of a large ecosystem of plugins, that is Tips & Tricks HQ has a number of plugins in addition to this. They have Affiliate Platform, WP eMember and WP PDF Stamper which all are automatically integrated as soon as you have 2 of them installed.

They automatically talk to each other and that can make things very easy when you’re setting up something like a membership site or you’re setting up an affiliate system for your site or you’re selling PDF versions of ebooks and things like that. That stuff all automatically integrates and it’s very useful to use all of those things together.

WP eStore Weakness – Shipping and Taxes

Its biggest weakness though is that it does not handle shipping and taxes on site well. So if you’re going to sell physical products, you either want to sell them flat rate shipping or free shipping. And either don’t collect sales taxes or collect sales taxes from everybody or you have to go offsite to handle that.

What I mean by that is, is that if you need to charge different rates of shipping for different locations then WP eStore sends you to PayPal and you set up the shipping there and if you have to charge different taxes for different locations, the same thing is true.

I essentially consider that to be death knell of the plugin for those applications because if somebody has to go to your site without knowing what the shipping cost is and without knowing what the taxes are, I think that probably significantly increases shopping cart abandonment. So if you’re in either of those situations, you’re not going to want to use WP eStore. Otherwise, it’s a spectacular plugin.

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