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How to Choose the Right WordPress Shopping Cart – Part 9 – WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins (eCommerce Plugins)

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We are going to be taking a look at 5 different WordPress eCommerce Shopping Cart plugins and comparing them. We talked extensively last week about all the different elements that you have to consider, now we’re going to talk about 5 different plugins and see how they potentially work in the context of the things you need to consider. We’ll begin by talking about ways to compare WordPress eCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins and then we’ll look at each one individually.

The 5 different plugins that we’re going to talk about are WP eStore, MarketPress, WooCommerce, Shopp and Cart66. I own and have used all of these plugins and I’ve worked extensively to understand all their the features. And now I’ll introduce you to the different options.

Plugins that Manage Digital Products Well

Plugins can be sort of grouped together by some general characterization. For example, you can look at the types of content that they manage well. The plugins that manage digital content really well are WP eStore, WooCommerce and Shopp. All three of those have very good digital product management systems.

Plugins with APIs (Way to Add Custom Functions)

You can also compare them by extensibility. And in that case, Shopp and WooCommerce are the ones that have the most robust APIs which provide you a way to interact with the plugins without changing them. So that means you can hook into them with custom functions and you can use them to add custom functionality to your eCommerce site.

Plugins Compatible with Thesis 2 and Genesis

You can also compare them by theme compatibility because these aren’t all entirely compatible, in particular, with Thesis. They all work with Genesis but Shopp does not work with Thesis 2 and WooCommerce and MarketPress don’t work with Thesis 1.8.5, so you can think about them in groups like that.

Plugins With Detailed Order Fulfillment

You can also think about them in terms of order fulfillment. Some of these plugins have very robust order fulfillment systems and some of them don’t. For example, Shopp and WooCommerce have very extensive order fulfillment systems and you can buy extensions for WP eStore to add that functionality. On the other hand, MarketPress and Cart66 have very limited order fulfillment systems.

Now, none of those things may be problems. Just because a plugin is good at one thing doesn’t mean that you actually need that one thing, right? So you may not need extensive order fulfillment, you may not need to be able to extend the plugin with its API. You might be working in Genesis and it just doesn’t matter which of the plugins you’re working with. So sometimes those groupings are relevant to you and sometimes they aren’t.

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