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How to Setup Amazon S3 for Storing and Hosting Your Large Files

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Amazon S3 is essentially your hard drive in the cloud, it’s a place where you can store and serve files for your website inexpensively and securely. In this seminar we go through all the basics of using Amazon S3. We cover the details of configuring User Permissions for a solopreneur and for a typical small business. Then we discuss the file system and show how to setup your buckets, folders and files and how to set Permissions for them. We finish by showing how to add links to those files and how to have the links download rather than open.

This seminar focuses on setting up files for free downloads. If you are interested in using Amazon S3 for paid product delivery, after this seminar watch our video Use Amazon S3 to Store and Deliver Digital Products which is part of our Sell Your Digital Products with WP eStore course.

What is Amazon S3 and Why Use It?

  • Your hard drive in the sky
  • Use it store and deliver files
  • Why is this important?
  • Examples
    • Video
    • Digital product delivery
    • Digital asset delivery
    • Backup Storage
  • Most of what I teach is about secure systems for delivery
  • Today is public system for delivery
  • signup for amazon S3 –

Configure User Permissions for a Solopreneur

  • Create an Administrator group
    • Set the permissions policy
  • Create an Administrator User
    • Set the password
  • Create an Application group
    • Set the permissions policy
    • Create the “user”
    • Generate an api key

Configure User Permissions for a Small Business

  • Create an Admin group & Users
  • Create a Staff group & Users
  • Create an Application group

Understanding the Amazon S3 File System

  • Buckets
  • Folders
  • Files

Create your first bucket

  • Give it a name
  • Naming Rules –
    • must be unique
    • between 3 & 63 characters long
    • Can only include lowercase letters, numbers, dashes & periods
    • No special characters
    • Cannot begin with period or dash
    • Cannot end with period or dash
    • Cannot contain 2 periods side by side
    • Select a Region
    • Create a folder
    • Naming Rules
    • The same, except no periods
    • Add a file to the folder

Setting Permissions on Individual Buckets, Folders & Files

  • Default – everything is secure
  • Only need to set permissions when something doesn’t need to be secure
  • Setting permissions for buckets
  • Setting permissions for folders
  • Setting permissions for files

Adding links to files on your website

  • Use case
  • Sign up
  • AWeber directs to download page
  • Downloads available
  • This is a standard link
  • Create link text
  • Test

Forcing links to download rather than open

Question and Answer Session

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