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Adding Links to Files on Your Website

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While we’re waiting for the video to resolve in the Amazon S3 video folder so we can set permissions, we’re going to set and add links to these files on our website.

Creating Links to Documents Hosted on Amazon S3

We’re going to start off with a PDF link and go to our Properties. John’s website is and the way he has this set up is that when somebody registers by clicking on “Get my free download”…and they confirm that they want to get emails from him, they’re getting the invitation to sign up for an AWeber list.

When they do that and they confirm, they are directed to a download page to download these files. And this is what we’re going to be working on here.

Now, for those of you who have not watched any of the WP eStore videos and you’re wondering if this is the right way to do this, it can be the right way as long as you don’t need it to be secure. In the WP eStore videos that we just finished teaching, I demonstrate how to set up secure digital content delivery which, I think, generally makes more sense.

I don’t currently have administrator access to John’s documents so let’s come over here to one of my test sites because I don’t really need to be able to log in to John’s site in order to make this work. And so we’re going to go to a page and I think let’s put an About page.

Essentially what we’re doing is we’re creating an ordinary link here. So I’ll just write here in the middle. We’re just going to say “Download the free ebook.” And you select that text link and you click on the link button and then you come over here to your Amazon S3 console and copy this URL.

So copy link address, come back over here and paste it and say add link and hit update. Now you’ve created a download link. That’s what this is now. And when we do this, the PDF is going to be delivered to us.

Let’s view the page and scroll down here and click on Download the Free eBook. Here’s what happens. This is the downside of the storing it in the EU as a person here in the United States because obviously, it’s a large file and it’s going to take a little bit of time to download the large files, especially since, for whatever reason, my internet connection seems to be slow at the moment. So we’ll to give it a moment here.

Craig asked, “Can the person right-click and download it?” And the answer to that question is yes, they can right click on it and download it. What I’m going to do here in a moment is demonstrate how to set it up in Amazon S3 so it automatically downloads so that it doesn’t open up in their browser. Because what folks are really expecting to be able to do is download it and Amazon S3 gives us the ability to make that happen. Okay, so there it is. Here’s the ebook.

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