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Setting Permissions on Individual Bucket, Folders and Files

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Why Set Permissions?

The way Amazon S3 works is that by default, nobody in the world has access to anything. Everything is secure by default. So if you do not change permissions, your links are not going to resolve for anybody, including yourself, if you’re not logged in.

And that’s just fine if you’re accessing it through WP eStore or if you’re accessing it through BackupBuddy. Those applications have rule permissions that give them access. But if you want to grant access to other people who don’t have those kinds of access credentials then what you have to do is set permissions.

Let’s come over to all buckets and look at the hypnotherapy partners free bucket. Come on over here to Properties and let’s look at permissions. The only permissions that are set up at the moment are for really, the account jam.grieg which is the main account.

Create Permissions for People Not Set Up As Users

I’m logged in… but somebody logged in as an administrator falls under this grantee permissions. So you don’t have to change this for any user that you’ve created. The only thing you have to adjust this for is people who are not set up users in your console which is why we set the users all up first. And what that practically means for typical folks is that the grantee is going to be everyone and the permission that you’re going to give is a list.

Permissions at the Bucket Level

Now if you did that, everybody in the world would be able to list its contents if they knew that there was an Amazon bucket called hypnotherapypartners.backup. And the net result of listing the buckets is that they can download the material that’s in that list. So unless you’ve got something where you want everything to be automatically always public, you’re actually not going to set permissions on the bucket level.

Permissions at the Folder Level

The same thing is true on the folder line. If we go to PDFs and then come over here to the right and look at Properties… let’s go to folders and look at the properties. You don’t actually have to set any of this kind of stuff and because we have set permissions on the bucket so that there is no public access, the folders, also, aren’t giving us the opportunity to set permissions for public access.

Now, you can make it public anyway by doing this. You could click on that and make the folder public and that’s, again, the same thing as making it available to everyone. It makes it available to anybody to list and to download. And we don’t want to do that either.

Set Permissions on Documents

However, because we are giving these things away free, we do want to do that for this specific document. So we’re going to click on that document, I’m going to come down here and look at our permissions and we’re going to add a permission.

And the grantee is everyone and the permission is open and download. Now, if they don’t know this URL, they’ll never be able to find it because they aren’t able to list the bucket or the folder. But if they do know the URL, they can open it and download it. You can give them the view permissions. That permission is just basically the same thing as making it public but we’re not going to do that.

So we have the first grantee, jam.greig, which is everybody that you’ve set up with access in the console and then you have this public which is everyone in the world can open or download this file, if they know the URL. And there’s your URL right here.

So we save that. Let’s go back over here to audios because we’re probably about done with audios loading and we’ll do the same thing here. And we’re going to, again, add a permission to everyone to open a download.

Now, I just want to repeat, you don’t have to do this if you are using something like WP eStore to deliver the content because you’ve already granted access permission to WP eStore. And WP eStore will be delivering encrypted download links. So they don’t have to have a permission for that because they already got the permission from the console. What we’re doing here are just for these public documents.

We’ve got that set and now, let’s go take a look at videos. Yeah, it’s still uploading. It’s a big video so it’s going to take a minute to upload yet. But we’re going to set permissions like that for a video as well.

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