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Setup and Configure the New PayPal Sandbox for Testing Your Online Store

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PayPal’s Sandbox system provides a way to fully test the functioning of your WordPress online store without actually processing financial transactions.  Unfortunately most tutorials demonstrating its use are either old and no longer applicable or are focused on developers.  This seminar demonstrates the use of the New PayPal Sandbox system for ordinary website owners.

Introduction – Why Use the PayPal Sandbox?

  • Setting up some transactions can be complicated
  • Sandbox used to be very complicated
  • An alternative is to create low cost products and test with live transactions
  • What are we testing for?
    • Testing emails
    • Testing product delivery
    • Testing affiliate plugin
    • Testing order management & fulfillment

Create a Developer Account with PayPal

  • Sign in with your own PayPal information
  • Tour the developer site
  • 2 sections of interest

Set Up a Seller’s Testing Account

  • The seller account
  • Configure password
  • Go to Sandbox – login with real account info
  • Login to the seller account
  • Website Preferences – Setup the return url
  • Setup the PDT identity token
  • Instant payment notification

Set Up a Buyer’s Testing Account

  • Create a New Account
  • Use a real email address
  • Set funding source
  • Login to buyer account & configure

Configure WP eStore to Use the Sandbox for Testing

  • General Settings
    • Post Payment Processing Settings
    • Testing and Debugging Settings
  • PayPal Settings
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