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Setup and Configure the New PayPal Sandbox for Testing your Online Store – Part 5 – Configure the WP eStore to Use the Sandbox for Testing

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Now we have this buyer’s account configured in PayPal Sandbox but we need to take these configurations and use them in our store setup. So I’m just going to demonstrate that right now but I have to get my buyer account information.

Get PDT Identity Token

I’m inside of my buyer account and the one bit of information we need is my PDT identity token. Alright, so I go to My Selling Tools, Website Preferences and then come down here and grab that identity token.

Configure Settings in an Online Store

Then we’re going to switch over to WP eStore as an example of configuring this. Now, configuring the PayPal Sandbox is going to be similar in other plugins and I will be demonstrating how to set this up in the other plugins in the lessons associated with those plugins.

I’m just doing this as a demonstration in the WP eStore but if you are doing this in WooCommerce or Market Press or something else, go look at the other videos on that to see how to configure it for that plugin.

Anyway, we’re going to go to the Dashboard here, and we’re going to come over to WP eStore and go to General Settings then scroll down to Post Payment Processing which is very near the bottom.

Add Testing Information

Make sure that Enable Transaction Result Display is included and that Automatic Post Payment Processing is checked. So these two things are checked. Then go back over to the Payment Gateway Settings and switch the emails. This is the real stuff I’ve got but if I’m going to test, what I really want to do to test is to put the testing information in here.

So, the testing information, we need to get that test email. I’m not using my real PayPal email address in here, I’m just using the Sandbox seller email and the Sandbox PDT identity settings and hit Update.

Enable Debug and Sandbox Testing

One other thing, come back over to General Settings, scroll all the way down at the bottom. Enable Debug and Enable Sandbox Testing and then update options. And with that, WP eStore is ready to configure.

Now, if you are watching videos on WooCommerce or watching videos on Market Press, this would be the point in which you’d go back to those videos.

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