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Setup and Configure the New PayPal Sandbox for Testing your Online Store – Part 1 – Introduction – Why Use the PayPal Sandbox?

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Good morning everybody and welcome to this WordPress eCommerce seminar. Today we’re going to dive right into setting up and configuring the PayPal Sandbox.

Use for Complicated Transactions

The whole purpose of having the PayPal Sandbox from our perspective is that setting up some transactions can be complicated. This is especially with the following types of transactions.

Those transactions have a lot of moving parts and sometimes you think that you’ve got all the moving parts properly configured only to find out that you don’t. And the only way to find out that you’ve got all parts that need to be worked out is to process a transaction. Obviously, it will be much better to be able to process the transactions without actually having to spend money on it.

Process Transactions without Money

That’s what the purpose of PayPal Sandbox is for. If you’re doing a simple sale, a simple buy now button, a simple product delivery, you can probably set up a $1 product. You can test it once and you’re going to have it no problem.

But where we are right now in WP eStore, we have a pretty large catalog and we’re going to be setting up a shopping cart with the add to cart button rather than a buy now button. In that case, there are a lot of moving parts.

PayPal’s Sandbox has been Significantly Simplified

PayPal Sandbox used to be complicated. I mean, it was a total pain in the rear end setting up and using the PayPal Sandbox for a whole variety of reasons but the biggest one was that the interface for the Sandbox was entirely different than a regular PayPal interface.

But, sometime in the spring of 2014, PayPal moved its Sandbox testing environment into what looked like a regular PayPal account. It has significantly simplified the process actually, of setting up a Sandbox, setting up testing accounts, configuring testing accounts and then using them in ways to test your transactions.

You can always just create a low-cost product and test the live transaction. In fact, that’s what Trips and Tricks HQ recommend for WP eStore just because it used to be complicated to setup PayPal Sandbox. But nowadays, I think you’re going to see that setting up the PayPal Sandbox is very simple or relatively simple.

What Do You Need to Know?

Most of the things you need to know in order to setup Sandbox, you need to know in order to setup your PayPal account anyway because configuring your Sandbox account is the same as configuring your regular PayPal account. So, I think that rather than using the alternative it’s good to just practice this stuff anyway.

What Can You Test in the Sandbox?

What are we testing for? We are going to be testing emails, we’re going to be testing product delivery…or maybe what I should say is, what could we test for? We could be testing emails, what is the receipt email, what is the thank you for the purchase email, what does that look like.

We can be testing the automatic return, so that we can test to make sure that the purchaser returns to the site and the information is placed on the return page that shows them what they purchased. We can test product delivery and make sure that there are download links in the final page and make sure the links show up in the emails.

If we were using an affiliate plugin and we want to make sure that the plugin was working, we could be testing the affiliate plugin using this and we could be testing order management and fulfillment.

If you’re using WooCommerce and have a thorough, full blown management processing system incorporated into it, you can use it to test the transition between the actual purchase to the system of managing that purchase. There are a number of things that you could test with this, as long as you’ve got this setup.

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