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Create a Development Copy of your Live WordPress Site on a Subdomain – Part 3 – A Go Daddy Example

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In this session, we give you another example of how to create a development copy of website using Go Daddy.

Video Transcript

Rick: Cathy, I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

Cathy: Okay, hello.

Rick: How are you doing?

Cathy: I’m doing great, thank you.

Rick: Are you ready for the German Sparkle Party?

Cathy: Woohoo, you bet! Can’t wait for that moment, let me tell you.

Rick: Well, it’s amazing what you’ll learn when your kid goes after college to Europe. Even if she only goes for a year she comes back with all kinds of interesting stuff.

Cathy: That is too fun.

Rick: Yeah. Now, what we’re gonna do on yours?

Cathy: Basically, the same thing. Do we have time to do it live or with me?

Rick: Why don’t we try it?

Cathy: Okay, cool. I’m ready.

Rick: I’m going to make you the presenter.

Cathy: Okay, we’re gonna go through the steps that you just gave us?

Rick: Yep.

Cathy: I already have the domain. In my case scenario, I’m using GoDaddy and the subdomain is called “Develop”. Copy files, go to site manager. If I FTP to files from the site to this it’ll go up faster?

Rick: It will go a lot faster if you copy in the file manager than if you FTP it from your computer up.

Cathy: That’s going to be a new one on my end.

Rick: That’s okay, I can help you. Just to go on get into your GoDaddy control panel.

Cathy: Got it. Log in, here you go. My accounts, go into web hosting, go to “Launch” I presume.

Rick: Yeah, I believe so.

Cathy: Then content database.

Rick: Go to file manager.

Cathy: Where do you find that?

Rick: That’s upper left corner, that thing below hosting dashboard, FTP File Manager.

Cathy: FTP File Manager. Thank you.

Rick: Now, you want to pick your files, you can check them all and then we can go through and uncheck “_db_backups”, “cgi” and “develop” if you want. That’s how I would do it.

Cathy Uncheck them all?

Rick: Yeah

Cathy: There you go, yes.

Rick: We need to uncheck. We disselect all that other stuff.

Cathy: “Develop”, “cgi”, “_db_backup”. Anything else?

Rick: Scroll down a little bit for me.

Cathy: That’s as far as it goes.

Rick: Nope. Now you’re going to copy.

Cathy: Got it.

Rick: Select the directory from the Root Tab into which you would like to copy the selected files.

Cathy: Okay.

Rick: There you go. Just say, okay.

Cathy: Through FTP it takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Rick: Yeah, it’s much faster just because it obviously doesn’t have to transfer. All I got to do is just copy. Actually, while this is doing that, why don’t you disselect all of these fields. Like click off the side or something.

Cathy: Okay.

Rick: There you go.

Cathy; Oh, there you go. Okay.

Rick: We may not have gotten all of page 2 so I’ll have to double check here once it has done it’s thing.

Cathy: The question I have is I wanna make sure that nobody can see this obviously.

Rick: Right. In fact, that was going to be my Step 10 before I forgot. I want to go back to being the presenter and I’ll show you what to do. What we have to do is go to our Privacy Settings, and we’re in, we have to go down to Settings and Privacy.

Cathy: Now I’m looking at yes, I see it. One more time I’m sorry. Settings and Privacy, okay got it.

Rick: Yep. What you see says, “I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors” and “Save Changes” there. Somebody’s got to know where the site is before they can get to it. You can also add one of those “Under Construction” plugins if you want. Only show it to people who are logged in but if you have questions that you want somebody to help you with on the form, obviously you have to turn it off for that purpose.

Cathy: That’s fine, nobody’s can open it but me.

Rick: ‘m going to make you the presenter again. Is that copy finished?

Cathy: It looks like it’s done, yes.

Rivk: Let’s go look at page 2 and see whether or not page 2 got copied over. I want to bet it didn’t so let’s go ahead and select them all and do that copy thing again.

Cathy: Got it, it’s been successful.

Rick: Now we need to go “Create Database”.

Cathy: I know what to do. “Create Database” here and the description is not necessary, just the name and “Develop” will be fine I presume.

Rick: I would think so. You don’t need to worry about the “Read-Only” and you don’t need to “Allow Direct Database Access”. You’re actually where you need to be at the moment. Go ahead and say, “OK”. It want it to begin in a letter.

Cathy: There it go again. I got to name it with something else. Why don’t we call it “developebc”, and it should work.

Rick: Now it’s being set up. We’re going to wait for that to happen.

Cathy: I’m not sure how long this is going to take.

Rick: The last time I did this at GoDaddy, it took about 5 minutes.

Cathy: It looks like we’re set up.

Rick: What we’ll do then is we go back over to your File Manager. Go to Content.

Cathy: FTP File Manager and FTP File Manager?

Rick: Yep. We’re going to edit the new wp-config file inside of “develop”. You actually have to get there and go down find wp-config, select that and let’s edit it. Change the database name.

Cathy: To “develop”?

Rick: No. ebc, wasn’t it?

Cathy: I thought that was the username?

Rick: I think it’s the database name too. We’ll try it. Then put your password in and go ahead and “Save” that and then close that screen and I’ll open you back up. What you do is open up a browser window and let’s go to “develop”. Obviously I was mistaken about that username issues so go back to that and open wp-config.

Cathy: And close?

Rick: Yep. Let’s go ahead and try running that again. Try control F5.

Cathy: Like close it out and just re-open it?

Rick: Yeah, let’s just it try one more time before we assume that we need to go back and check that stuff. I want to try it on my computer just in case yours is caching that. “”, is that right? This is exactly the same error, we still have a problem with either the name or the password, one of the two. Go back to databases real quickly and double check in databases first.

Cathy: Database name is?

Rick: Is “developebc”. Let’s go look at the user once you hit the edit and see what it says for user.

Cathy: I am in the wrong place?

Rick: You know what, I think we’ve got the wrong hostname. That’s what the problem is, I’m sorry. Go back and hit that “Edit” button again, see that hostname? We need to copy that hostname and put that in the wp-config file too.

I think that’s probably where the problem is but we need to make sure the database name and the username are “developebc” because they both are. I forgot that hostgator has a different naming system for their database hosts.

Cathy: “Edit” down to the host and control V it. Okay. Both the username and database name, it would be “ebc” and that’s correct. The password is corrent.

Rick: Hit “Save”

Cathy: Closing and “Save”. Go back to the browser and let’s do control 5.

Rick: There it is, it’s connecting.

Cathy: “Isn’t redirecting Properly”. Try again, is that normal?

Rick: No, let me just check it in my browser, “”. This webpage has a redirect loop. Delete your htaccess file in here. Go back to page 1. See that htaccess file? Go ahead and delete that. It’s going to be rewritten by the WordPress installation anyway. Let’s not delete it, let’s just rename it to say “old.htaccess”. There you go, now let’s try it.

Exactly the same problem, has too many redirects. Try adding the old database to the new database and see if that solves the problem. See if we get away from having to do the install routine. Bad feeling about it actually but let’s try anyway.

Cathy: We need to export at this point, correct?

Rick: Yes, that’s the one.

Cathy: Export and then go.

Rick: To “zipped”, yes.

Cathy: “Save” and there we go. That’s done?

Rick: Go back to the other one. I think we have to log out of this one because this server is not showing that same database.

Cathy: Gotcha, I was worrying about that. Why it’s not working? Access denied.

Rick: I wonder if that’s the wrong username because theoritically, it isn’t really supposed to be that one. It says you can reset your database password, you already know what your database password is. Let’s go back and look at the database information in another view. Go ahead and select “Edit” over there for a second. Hid that “Manage via phpMyAdmin”. Try using your password and username. Could be that it took you to a different database host and that’s what you really needed to do.

Cathy: That’s what it was.

Rick: Yes, that’s what it was. Now, we’re going to import.

Cathy: There we go, browse, and downloads. Documents, downloads and page number 2 and open, and go. That’s doing it.

Rick: Go ahead and try under “SQL compatibility mode”, don’t choose “None” choose something else. The other thing could be that the name of this file could also be the problem. That number 2 in there might be giving it feats. You may need to delete the other 2 versions or otherwise remove the other 2 versions and then rename it so that it doesn’t have the two in there. Actually, we could probably take that off but let’s just see what happens.

Cathy: Same error.Try it again with just “NONE”?

Rick: Yes, let’s try it again with just “NONE”. It would be a little silly for them to allow you to export with zip but not allow to import with zip.

Cathy: Exactly. Import file compression will be automatically detected from zip. That’s what I got.

Rick: Let’s “Character set of the file” instead of “utf8”, why don’t you just say “None” and see what that is. “None” is not an option, I’m sorry I forgot that thing. I think we need to open up a new window and PHPMyAdmin and let’s download that again but this time don’t zip it up.

Cathy: Export, SQL, yes. What else are we looking at? We’re saying, “NONE” and you just “Save” this?

Rick: Yes.

Cathy: Unsupported.

Rick: It’s not finish yet. It is kind of silly not to allow you to.

Cathy: Exactly.Well, it has done something obviously which was a good sign?

Rick: It is 5 MB. I guess 5MB should go pretty quickly but you know GoDaddy isn’t the fastest place in the world.

Cathy: So I have to be patient?

Rick: Exactly. It’s successfully executed. Now, let’s edit the options table. What we want to do is select the “Browse” tab up there. The first one, and “Edit”.

Cathy: It’s “develop” correct? I just want to make sure.

Rick: Yes.

Cathy: “Go” and then Page 2. “Home”?

Rick: Yes, that’s it. Click the little pencil.

Cathy: I did, there you go.

Rick: Before we wrap this up let’s go over to the “Hosting Control Center” and take the old off of that file.

Cathy: Okay, Content, FTP.

Rick: Yes, and htaccess, there you go. This is rename that one back to the right thing. Try it in new browser. Let’s go to wp-admin and install php though. Just do the straight thing, there you go.

Cathy: I know that’s what it would help.

Rick: Go ahead and try logging in.

Cathy: Awesome, I can go to sites so that’s coo, wp-admin and go.

Rick: This is your regular admin username and password from the site. There you are.

Cathy: Awesome, thank you so much!

Rick: It is time for a German Sparkle party!

Cathy: Awesome. You go to Settings and Private.

Rick: Yes, there you go, Settings at the bottom and just go to Privacy, that’s it.

Cathy: There we go. “I would like to block”, good and “Save Changes”. Awesome. Oh my God, you’re so great. Thank you. I’m sure you hear that all the time.

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