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Everything You Wanted to Know about the WordPress Media Library (but were afraid to ask)

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WordPress 3.9 introduced a number of changes in the Media Library. In this seminar you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to use the Media Library effectively and you’ll learn all about its new features as well. You will come away with an understanding of how to add and manipulate images, videos and audio for your WordPress website.

Adding Images to a post or page in WordPress

  • Add Media
  • Insert Media
    • Upload files
    • Media Library
  • Attachment Details
    • Info
    • Title
    • Caption
    • Alt text
    • Description
  • Attachment display settings
    • alignment
    • link to
    • size
  • Insert into post

Understanding Images Sizes in WordPress

  • WordPress creates image sizes based on your settings
  • Default Media Sizes
    • Thumb
    • med
    • large
    • full
  • How images are resized
    • scale
    • crop
  • Limitation – not retroactive
  • Fix – regenerate thumbnails
  • Other image sizes
    • Themes
    • Plugins

Creating Custom Image Sizes in WordPress

  • Download Simple Image Sizes
  • Media Settings
  • Regenerate

Using Featured Images in WordPress

  • Whats a featured image?
  • How to set it
  • Different themes use different image sizes
  • Thesis 2.1

Images & SEO in WordPress

  • file names
  • titles
  • alt tags

Preparing images for the web

  • name
    • no spaces
    • no special characters
  • size
    • max size to be displayed
  • image format
  • quality
  • importance
    • Site speed
    • SEO
    • Backup Size

Editing Images in the Media Library

  • Crop Images
    • by selection
    • by selection size
    • by aspect ratio
    • maintain aspect ratio
    • click the crop
    • Apply Changes to
    • Save
  • Scale
    • set values
    • Scale
  • Rotate
    • rotate
    • save
  • Flip
  • Restore original

Add Image Galleries to a Page in WordPress

  • Create a Gallery in a Page
    • Add Captions
  • Link Gallery to an Attachment Page
  • Link Gallery to a Media File

Add Videos to a Page in WordPress

  • Add Video Files
    • Embedding or Linking the File
    • HTML5 Video Player

Add Video Playlist to a Page in WordPress

  • When “Create Video Playlist” choice is available
  • Select Videos, Change Order and Add Titles
  • Insert Video Playlist
    • Set Default Screen for a Video Playlist

Add Audios to a Page in WordPress

  • Upload Files
  • Embed in Media Player

Add Audio Playlist to a Page in WordPress

  • When Playlist Option Shows
    • Playlist Settings
  • Add Playlist to a Page
    • Add an Image to the Playlist
    • Show Artists Name

Add Galleries and Playlists to a Widget Area

  • Use Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
    • Add Audio Files
    • Add Videos
    • Add Image Gallery

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