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Everything You Wanted to Know about the WordPress Media Library – Part 8 – Add Image Galleries to a Page in WordPress

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The next thing we’re going to talk about in this WordPress 3.9 Media Library seminar is how to add image galleries to a Page. Let’s start by creating a new page for this. So, Pages, Add New and this is going to be Gallery and then I’m going to add some text, “Photos from our climb of Forbidden”. Then click Add Media.

Create a Gallery in a Page

In this dialog it says I can upload files or I can pick something from the media library but notice over here on the left it says, Create a Gallery. When I click on that I can create a gallery from the images that are here or I can upload files.

So I’m going to select files and I’m going to come over to my images and I’m going to upload all of those images. We’ve got all of our images uploaded here and they are selected. They’ve got little check boxes in them and you can see all the images are there selected.

Add Captions

Now I can hit Create New Gallery and we can caption each of these images. I can add any text I’d like, so “Forbidden from afar”,”Me on the summit” and for one of my favorite pictures of all time I’ll add “Laura on the crux”. Then just insert the gallery.

Link the Image Gallery to an Attachment Page

Actually let’s edit the gallery one more time. In the Gallery Settings you can link the Gallery to something. You have a choice of linking it to an attachment page so when they click on it they go see the larger image. You can link it to a media file so it can be downloaded or just viewed in the browser or it can be none.

Let’s link it to attachment page here and now you can choose how many columns you want this to display in. I’m going to say 3 and if you want to move images around, you can simply drag them like this. You can simply drag them and drop them in the order you’d like them. Then update the gallery and publish your page.

It sort of shows you what the gallery is going to look like at this point but when you actually view the page, there’s your gallery with all your images in it. And if you click on an image, it takes you to the attachment page.

Link the Image Gallery to a Media File

Let’s do one more thing. We’ll edit this page and edit the gallery. Let’s link to a media file this time and update that. We’ll view the page and now when you click on an image it takes you to the full size of that image. That might actually be a better choice. And that’s how you add a gallery to your post.

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