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Everything You Wanted to Know about the WordPress Media Library – Part 10 – Add Video Playlist to a Page in WordPress

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Now that you know how to add a video to a page in WordPress 3.9 using the Media Library, let’s actually create a video playlist because that’s something else you can do.

When “Create Video Playlist” Choice is Available

In this same page let’s add media and then choose Create a Video Playlist. We didn’t see this choice before because there was no video uploaded. The Media Library doesn’t show this to you automatically. So you’re not going to see this as one of your choices until you add a video into the Media Library. That’ll be the first thing to do before you create a playlist. I’m going to add 3 more videos here.

Someone asks about Mp3 players. Yes, in fact, the next thing we’ll do is add audios because the WordPress Media Library does allow you to also upload and serve audios this way and also do your audio playlist.

Select Videos, Order Them and Add Titles

Then we’re just going to make sure that we select all the videos we just uploaded. Now with these 4 we’re going to create the video playlist now. I want my President Obama one to go first so I’ll start with that. And you do that by dragging them into the order you want.

The name of the file is what’s shown right below the video icon but in this area right below that we can add the title of the video in the playlist. I’m going to say “Obama talks about Joe the Chef” and then “Bill wants to build a DIY website” and “Vinny the “Business” Coach”.

Insert the Video Playlist

We’ve got these videos and they’re in the order we want them in so let’s insert the video playlist. And now that we’re back in the page we can come over here and click on edit. Actually if we want images to show we have to go edit the individual videos in order to add an image but let’s just go ahead and update that and update the page.

Let’s view the page and now we have this playlist. The video player is above and then there’s the list of videos below that. Again, it is responsive and you have all the same controls that you saw when we added a single video. You can go on to the next one by just clicking on the title.

Setting a Default Screen for a Video Playlist

Someone asks “Is there any way to have a default screen that is not part of the playlist?” Sure, I’ll show you that. We’ll come over here to the library and we’re going to edit “Obama talks about Joe the Chef”. Go to the Set Featured Image. Then choose what you’d like for that, we’ll just grab her and set that as the featured image. Update that. Let’s come back over to the page and refresh it. And there’s our featured image. and there it is, right.

The only place to set that featured image is to do it from the video itself but when you do it, it shows up just fine. So yes, you can have a default screen that is not part of the playlist.

Frank asks, “So if you want to do this yourself for greater than 10 megabytes, one has to implement all this ourselves for video playlist or find a plugin?” I’m going to look that up and see if I can do a demonstration next week on how to increase the size limit beyond 10 megabytes so that you can use this for self hosting. It would be absolutely lovely if you could self host larger images or if the media library could grab your videos from Amazon that sort of thing. That functionality does not currently exist.

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