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How to Add Self Hosted Videos to Your Site

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Part 1 – Install the FV WordPress Flowplayer Plugin

This is an updated and expanded version of an earlier lesson on using the FV WordPress Flowplayer plugin to host your own videos. In the first part of the lesson we install the plugin.

Video Transcript

You know, way back when, like all the way down here at the bottom of the page…way back when how to add self-hosted videos to your site, I did this video and it’s actually quite popular on the site but it’s no longer… it’s out of date. And so, what we’re going to do is take a look at it again in more detail and with the current state of the plugin. And we’re going to do that on this site here, on the Community Library Case Study site.

Let’s see, first, I want to update that. And then I’m going to rid of that Tiny MCE, I don’t think… I’ll disable that here, plugins… because Tiny MCE Advanced disables some functionality in the FV WordPress Flowplayer plugin.

And so, we’re going to add a new plugin to the site and it’s the FV WordPress Flowplayer. And we’re going to install 1.2 and say yes to that and activate the plugin. And what this plugin does now is it creates a settings page here for us to set the settings for the video. And we’re going to come back to this in a minute because before we talk about the settings, we’re going to look at how to get video to use these settings for.

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