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How to Add Self Hosted Videos to Your Site – Part 6 – Add a Splash Screen to the Video

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This is part 6 of an updated and expanded version of an earlier lesson on using the FV WordPress Flowplayer plugin to host your own videos.  In this part of the lesson we demonstrate how to add a splash screen to a video.

Video Transcript

Let’s add a Splash image here. Now Splash image is like the images you see on my site and there’s a couple of ways for us to do this. I think perhaps the easiest way to add a Splash image is to do it from inside the Media Library. And so we can add a new item and we’ll select the file and let’s see… websites, byob website, videos and then Live Answers and LA39, part 1 and then let’s see, my Splash image was right there. So I’m going to go ahead and open that up. Okay, we’re going to go ahead and save all… I’m going to catch the… get the address now and hit save all changes. And that’s interesting. What size does it say it is? 560 by 420, okay.

So then if we go back to our post and we edit that case study, let’s change this. So we put our Splash image here and then let’s go back over there, see if I can just steal this again. It’s a little odd behavior here, this inability to hang on to that address. So video and let’s do this, the width is 560 by 480. Well, let’s just save it like that and let’s go ahead and insert, update and then view the post. So now you can see that you know, this one doesn’t have a Splash screen. It’s just got the big white thing. This one has the Splash screen and obviously, I’ve got the size is not right. It wasn’t… it must have been 540. Oh, I’ve got height and width wrong. Isn’t that crazy? Oh no. So in that video… because, well okay. Well if that’s 4:3, if the width is 540… 540 divided by 4 times 3 is 405. I see, I got the wrong size image there. That’s what the deal is. 540 by 405. If we update that and then view the post, yeah there we go. Now it looks like it’s supposed to look.

When you’re manually setting your size, you do need to make sure that you have the right aspect ratio for the image or for the video.

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