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How to Add Self Hosted Videos to Your Site – Part 2 – Upload Videos to Your Site

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This is part 2 of an updated and expanded version of an earlier lesson on using the FV WordPress Flowplayer plugin to host your own videos. Now that we’ve installed the plugin we learn how to upload videos to our site so that they are accessible to the plugin.

Video Transcript

And what we’re going to do is we’re going to upload our videos to our site using Filezilla. So if you are a regular participant here and have gone through some of my early customizing video videos, you will notice or you will see that or you’ll know that I have a system for setting up local copies of remote files. And so, in particular, in this case, I have this directory called library which is where I keep my Community Library Website files. And inside of that, you’ll recognize the WordPress which is where the WordPress files actually reside. And then I have downloads and wp content and this is where everything else is generally. But what we’re going to do here is on the same level as wp content, we are going to create a new directory or folder called video. I think it’s videos, let’s just make sure. Yes, videos. Okay, we’ve created this directory here and now I want to move some videos into this because it’s blank at the moment.

So I’m going to do that… let’s see, so I’m going to that from my video. Oh no, not transcriptions from my video section on my other site. And let’s see, that’s in Live Answers and I should have inquired because what I really want is the very first videos for the Community Library site. Here it is, perfect. Community Library Part 1 and so, I’m going to copy the video. In this case, it’s an mp4 video. You can use mp4 flv and the h264…I think that’s what it’s called. I think you can also use a .mov file but I’m not absolutely sure of that.

So then we go back to tutorial sites, library, WordPress and then videos and I’m going to paste that video there. So now, I have my video here and this video is actually… has a frame width of 800 by 600. That’s going to be a useful thing to know when we go to set this up. And so, then the next thing we’ve got to do, now that we’ve got a video there is open up our site in Filezilla and go all the way to the top level of the site. So that… I’m just going to actually reload library.

Okay now, you can see My New Videos folder here on my local installation. And if we open it, it says “Failed to retrieve directory listing” and that’s because there’s nothing over here. So let’s just go ahead and upload that to the site. It’s going to take a couple of moments because this is actually… the file itself is not small. But once we have it there… actually, we’ll go ahead and let this upload and we’ll look at our settings now while that’s uploading.

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