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How to Add Self Hosted Videos to Your Site – Part 4 – Why Not Use the Media Library Instead of FTP?

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This is part 4 of an updated and expanded version of an earlier lesson on using the FV WordPress Flowplayer plugin to host your own videos. In this part of the lesson I explain why I suggest using FTP to upload your videos rather than using the Media Library.

Video Transcript

Let’s check in on this, make sure this happened. Looks like it completed. Yeah, there we go. So it’s 31 megabytes.

Now one of the reasons why we do it with Filezilla instead of using the Media Library is because of the file size of the videos. Videos just happen to have very large files and often, people will have a you know, a maximum upload size.

So for example, if we go look at that right now on this site and we go to Add New, you can see my maximum upload file size is 8 megabytes. Well, that was 31 megabytes so this wouldn’t be able to upload it.

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