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How to Create a Free Membership Website

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Free membership sites can be used for homeowners associations, clubs, private learning communities, training for customers and much more. Here you’ll learn how to create a Free Membership Site in WordPress with special content for your members and teaser content for visitors.

Why Create a Free Membership Site?

  • Examples of Uses for a Free Membership Site
    • Provide Training to a Select Group of People, e.g. Employees, Affiliates, Customers
    • Club Members – Information and Forums
    • Hobby or Learning community
    • Leagues, Teams
    • Home Owners Associations
  • Common Elements
    • Registration Process
    • Controlled Access to Content
    • Message to the Public About the Site
  • Example Free Membership Website

Initial WordPress User Settings

  • Use WordPress Functions to Control Access
    • User Settings
    • User Roles
  • Uncheck Membership Setting “Anyone Can Register”
    • Spam Users

Install & Configure the Members Plugin

  • Benefits of Using the Members Plugin
  • Configure the Settings
  • Login Form Widget Features

Create a Custom WordPress User Role

  • Existing WordPress User Roles
  • User Role Capabilities
  • Add a New Role

Manually Create a WordPress User

  • Good for Small Number of Users
  • Add New User

Add Login Form to the Sidebar

  • Add Widget to the Sidebar
  • Customize the Appearance

Protect Access to a Page or Post

  • Add Content Protection to a Public Page
  • View the Protected Page
    • Logged In
    • Not Logged In

Customize the Message Displayed to People Without Permission to View the Content

  • Change the Automatic Default Message
  • Customize the Message on a Page by Page Basis

Show Teaser Content to Visitors

  • Members Plugin Shortcodes
  • Use Shortcode to Limit Visibility of Content
  • Use Shortcodes to Create Messages for Other Roles

Customize Menus for Logged in Users

  • Nav Menu Roles Plugin
  • Show a Menu Item Only to Logged In Users
  • Customize Menus for Logged in Users

How to Show Different Widgets to Logged in Users

Advanced Content Protection Using Thesis 2.1

Question and Answer

Why is automating registration a good thing?

Create a Automated Registration Page

Install the Gravity Forms Plugin

Create a Form in Gravity Forms

Convert the Form to a Registration Form

Customize the Registration Form Submit Button

Automatically Register a New User via Email

Automatic Registration Using an Aweber Opt-in Form

Automatic Registration Using a MailChimp Opt-in Form

Redirect Users on Login and Logout

Session 2 – Question and Answer

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