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How to Build a Free Membership Site – Part 21 – Automatic Registration Using an Aweber Optin Form

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There’s another way to automate registering new users in a Free Membership site in WordPress aside from registering via email. The second way is to have some kind of automated registration based on an opt-in form. And this a way that many folks are going to want use.

You would have some kind of an opt-in form and when people opt-in to your form you can have them automatically directed to this registration page. And instead of sending them an email you let your AWeber or MailChimp do that for you.

Process Applies to Any Theme

I’m going to demonstrate how to register new users using MailChimp and AWeber since they are similar but not the same. This is a Client page that’s set up on a Genesis site. I’m showing you this in Genesis so that you can see that you can do this in any theme.

I teach both the Genesis theme and the Thesis theme on my site but you can do this in any theme. Everything I’ve shown you except for the CSS styling we used on the submit button works the same way in any theme.

Create a Signup Form with AWeber

So here’s the page that I want to protect. And if we go look at the other site when I’m not logged in it says “Sorry, but you don’t have permission to view this content. If you are a client, please login” and here’s the login form for them to do so.

Well, I’m not already a client and so I’m going to come over here to AWeber, that’s the first one I’m going to demonstrate. We’ve got byob-home-design that’s set up as a list and so with that list I’m going to come over to my signup form.

I don’t have a signup form setup with that so I’m just going to create one quickly for this. In fact, I’m just going to use one of their default signup forms. So here’s the opt-in form.

Basic Information for the Form

I’m going to save that and take the next step. The Thank You page first is going to be the “Please check your email”. The next thing I have to do is save my form. Then I have to go to my list options. I’ve got my basic information and I go to my confirmed opt-in and here’s my email confirmation.

Registration Page

What I’m going to do now is set the Success page and so the Success page is going to be the registration page. This one right here. I’ll just copy this URL, come back over to my list settings. This was a “get a download”.

I do this kind of hidden page for a number of things. and that one was when we were demonstrating how to provide us a download to somebody like a free ebook or something like that. Anyway, this is a Success page URL and this is where they get sent once they’ve confirmed their email address. Hit Save Settings and that’s going to happen.

Create a Follow Up Email

Then the other thing we want to do is go to our Messages and our Follow Up Series and then to our first follow up email. Right now this one is “Download the Home Design Guide” but instead we can say, “Register as a Client” and add the URL in there.

Hit save and now they’re going to get the registration link emailed to them once they’ve registered. They’ll also be redirected to the registration page once they’ve confirmed. So we can hit save to that.

Add AWeber Sign Up Form to the Website

Let’s come back over to our signup forms. We’re going to go to step 2, step 3, I’m going to install my form. I’m going to use the Javascript Snippet. Let’s come back over here to the website and put the opt-in form here at the bottom of this widget.

Go to Widgets and this visual editor. Go to the HTML view so I can paste that. Save it and go back to the site. Something funny happened there. So I’m guessing the problem is with the form. Let’s set the width to 300px. Isn’t that funny? Yes, we definitely had a problem with the form. It has some body and a bunch of space on either side of it. Instead let’s say 10 pixels, 15 pixels and 15 pixels for the padding. That was the problem with it.

The User Experience with the Form

Save the form, come back over and refresh that form. So now we’ve got a form and I can add my name and my email. I’m going to submit that and now it says, “You’re Almost Done – Activate Your Subscription!”.

Let’s come back over to my email and wait to get that email. I can’t confirm it until I get it. I’ve got the email though from the other one, so here it says “To activate your user, please click the following link”. All I have to do is click on that.

So there’s my username, here’s my password. Go ahead and copy that, go to login. And I’m currently logged in and it has taken me to the Distributor Registration page so I can come over here to “New Distributors Start Here” and now all this content is available to me.

Review User Addition to AWeber List

Right now if we go look at our list on AWeber for home-design you’ll see under Subscribers that I have been added. It says “Confirmation Pending” that just means this is a little behind because a confirmation isn’t actually pending. In fact, my guess is that now I will be getting the confirmation email. There is it, “24 Days 2 Skinny. I will also be getting the email from AWeber welcoming me in the next few minutes.

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