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How to Build a Free Membership Site – Part 20 – Automatically Register a New User via Email

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Now that we have a registration form created for the automated registration for a Free Membership site in WordPress, it’s time to look at how the form gets to the user.

So what Joanne will do once she gets into User is just email them this address. She can say, “Go to this address and fill out the form”. Nobody else is going to be able to find it because when we created the registration page, we took steps to hide it but she can give that link in an email.

From the email the user can click on it, come over here register and they’ll be automatically added and I’ll just show you what that process looks like.

I’ll go to it in a browser where I’m not logged in. So let’s give the username as Rick Anderson and the name is Rick Anderson and the email is this and register now. Whoops, that one’s already being used so I’ll use a different email address and register again.

Now it says, “Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly.” In this case, this would be a good place to say “Double check your inbox to see the link to finish the registration”. Let’s come over here to that inbox for my email. It hasn’t arrived yet so we’ll check back on that.

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