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How to Build a Free Membership Site – Part 14 – Why is Automating Registration a Good Thing?

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The last time we met for this How to Create a Free Membership Site in WordPress we created the membership aspect of this site. Just to remind you the example site of this type of site that we’re creating is Joanna’s 24 Days 2 Skinny website. She’s a network marketer and one of her unique characteristics is that she provides training and support for her distributors.

Manually Creating User vs Automating Registration

The problem with the site as it’s set up now is that if she gets a new distributor what she has to do is manually create the user. So she has to come over here to the Dashboard and then down to Users and Add New User. Then put in the username, email, first and last name, password and that sort of thing.

Remember that you also need to set the role correctly in this manual process. Here that is the role of distributor which is the one that we created last time and she has to do that every time she gets a new distributor.

Well, what would be better would be to allow these folks to create their own username and put their best email in and be able to create this profile for themselves rather than her having to do it manually.

Setting Up an Automating Registration

And that’s what we’re going to do today, we’re going to setup an automated system of registration that allows only those people that she wants to register to register and when they register they register as a distributor.

Now, you may remember that last time we said under the General Settings, that we should not put a check box here that says, “Anyone can register”. We don’t want just anyone to register. In fact, we want no one to register except those folks who we have specifically chosen to register.

On the typical WordPress website, if they’ve got a membership site their default user role is subscriber. Well, we created this new user role as distributor. So what we want to do is have a registration system that is automatic but that is restricted only to those folks she chooses. Also when they register we want them to end up being a distributor rather than a subscriber.

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