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How to Build a Free Membership Site – Part 17 – Create a Form in Gravity Forms

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We have just installed the Gravity Forms plugin for our Free Membership site in WordPress and now it’s time to create a form using the plugin.

Create Registration Form

We’ll just hit New Form and this is going to be Distributor Registration. Now once you’ve done that you have this choice of fields – you’ve got Standard Fields, Advanced Fields, Post Fields and Pricing Fields.

Add Username Field

The first one we really want is the username so we’ll grab a single line text line and all I have to do is click. It comes over here. We’ll say User Name and we’re going to make it required. And then we’ll come over to an Advanced Field and grab Name and also we’ll make that required.

Add Email Address Field

Then we’ll come over and grab an Email Address and make that required.

Add Password Field

Then the last one we need is another text field and this is going to be our password field. We’ll call it Password. We’re going to make it required but we’re also going to come over here to Advanced, come down here and say Enable Password Input. So that’s what’s going to make it a password field.

Then we just update our form and now we have a form with the username, first name, last name, email and password. So once the form is created, now we need to turn it into a registration form.

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