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How to Build a Free Membership Site – Part 10 – Customize Menus for Logged in Users

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The next thing we’re going to do in this free membership WordPress site is to customize the menu and we’re going to do that using a plugin called Nav Menu Roles.

Nav Menu Roles Plugin

So we’ll come over here to Plugins and Add New. This plugin allows you to specify whether or not a menu item is displayed based on a user role. So it’s Nav Menu Roles. It’s a cool little plugin. It’s not the only way to do this but it is a way that some people may find beneficial.

Show a Menu Item Only to Logged In Users

So we’ve activated that plugin and then we’re going to come over to Appearance and Menus. And let’s just pretend this page is a page that we want only on the menu for distributors so we’ll add it to the menu. I’m going to change this to Resources and what we’re going to do is show this to the logged in users only.

If I refresh it, now I have this Resources link but if I’m not logged in and I refresh it, it’s not there. It doesn’t show up until I log in. So that’s the fairly cool little feature that this plugin has.

Show a Menu Item Only to Logged Out Users

You can also change some of these existing items on the menu. For example, let’s just say this one here really only needs to be available to people who are partners. The partner one only needs to be available to people who are logged out.

If you’re logged in you’ve already been to this and doesn’t matter anymore. So we’ll make sure that this is not visible to people who are logged in. If we save that again and refresh that, now that’s item is no longer showing. You don’t have the Partner page anymore.

So you can have just one menu and you can pick and choose what you want to show up in that menu based on their user role or their logged in status when using that plugin. It’s actually a cool little plugin.

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