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How to Build a Free Membership Site – Part 16 – Install the Gravity Forms Plugin

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Now that we’ve created a registration page for the Free Membership Site in WordPress the next thing to do is to create a form. The tool that I use to do this is Gravity Forms. It’s really the only tool that I know of that’s available to do this.

About Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a for a fee plugin. If you are a paid member of the site and you would like a trial version of this, it’s not licensed, so that you can see if it’s really what you want to use, let me know and I’ll email you a copy of it.

It is open source so it’s not a violation of their terms of service or their licensing agreement for me to give you a copy of it but you won’t be able to register or get support for it. So if you want to use it then you can purchase it.

Download and Install Gravity Forms

Let’s log in to the Gravity Forms site and download Gravity Forms. Then the current version that we’re working with right now is version 1.8.9 so go ahead and download that.

It’s not just the Gravity Forms though, it’s also the registration addon and so the registration addon is one of their advanced addons. Just scroll down here and download the latest version of their registration addon as well.

Once we’ve got that downloaded, we’ll come on over to the site. Add New Plugin and we have to upload this from our site. It’s in Downloads so let’s look for Gravity Forms. Install that one, activate the plugin and then now you’ve got this Forms menu item here.

Gravity Forms Settings

If we go over to Settings, you can add your support key in, we’re going to go ahead and output CSS, we’re going to output HTML5 because whether using Genesis 2 or Thesis 2.1 it’s HTML5. We can leave no conflict mode off.

Option to Use of Akismet to Prevent Spam Signups

In this case, Akismet integration really isn’t necessary although you can if you’re using Akismet. If you have an Akismet license on the site you can just check this and this will help prevent some spam signups. In this case, I’m just going to say “NO” because this doesn’t really matter here and I’m going to save the settings.

Install the User Registration Addon

Now, if you have a support license key you can come over here to Add-Ons and you can download the addon and install it directly from here but instead of doing that I’m just going to go ahead and install it from the download I made.

So we’ll come along here to Plugins and say Add New and we can also just install the downloaded plugin. It’s Gravity Forms I’m looking for and now it’s that gravityformsuserregistration_1.9.1.

So we’ve installed Gravity Forms and the user registration addon and now what we’re going to do is create our first form.

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