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How to Build a Free Membership Site – Part 23 – Redirect the User on Log In and Log Out

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Let’s go back to the 24 Days to Skinny website here and I’m going to logout of Skinny. Notice how when I logged out it took me to the welcome page? The login section is here in the sidebar. I’ll fill that out and log in again.

This login form is nice because regardless of where I am, once I log in it leaves me there. Now, often that’s not the case. With some log in forms, if you login it takes you to the admin side. I’ll log out again and notice that every time I do so it’s going to take me over here.

Let’s just go to Mushrooms and Your Immune System and then log in, it’s going to leave me at Mushrooms and Your Immune System. It leaves me right where I was which is quite nice.

However, logging out takes me to that funny page so the fix for that is a plugin and that plugin is called Sky Login Redirect and we’re going to install that here on her site.

Install the Sky Login Redirect Plugin

Come back over to Plugins, Add New and that is Sky Login Redirect. Install that, activate it. This plugin has no configuration. Let’s just refresh our page just to make sure we’re updated. Then we log out and now we’re sent back to the front page.

So that’s kind of a nice little addon there. If somebody logs in, it also keeps you on the page where you logged in but so does that login form that we’re just using.

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