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How to Create Video Sitemaps – Part 3 Adding a Vimeo Video to a Sitemap

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This is Part 3 of 3 in a series on How to Create a Video Sitemap and in this session, we show how to add a Vimeo video to a sitemap using the old embed code from Vimeo.

Video Transcript

There is one other thing I want to show you and that is if you’re using Vimeo to host your videos, how to get this location, this exact location of your video. And so, we’re just going to take a look. I have 842 videos now hosted in Vimeo and if we take this Organizing a Real Estate Website are our choice and if we go to this embed link, what you do is you go to the old embed code and in the old embed code… actually, that’s not… oh no, that’s not the old embed code. This is the old embed code. Pardon me. I just didn’t see the old embed code. Here we go. I was going to say that didn’t look right. The old… for the old embed code, what you would do is you would come down here to the SRC and this is the location. Let’s see, so we’ve got movie and value equals and then we are trying to find that last…yeah, we are trying to find that last… yeah, it’s hard to see. What I should really do is copy this and paste it into a text file.

Okay so now what we’re doing is we’re looking for this value and then we are taking it all the way down to the last… the closing double quote marks. So from the starting double quote marks to the closing double quote marks, we’re copying this. And then in our video location, what we’re doing is instead of content location, you would…well first, you’d paste that here. And this is the time where you would use that player location.

So if come back over to the Google Webmaster Tools thing and we scroll down here to player location, this is where you would use that code. I know I just said we’re just going to ignore that for the time being but I forgotten that I wanted to make sure I covered this subject. So instead of content location, it’s player location. And what this does is this gives us the name of the player, and then gives the clip id and then the server name and then some specific other information about it. But everything from that starting quotation mark to the closing quotation mark is the player location.

And so, if you are self-hosting the video at Vimeo then this is the place, this is the code to use and you have to get that code from the old embed… let’s see, from the old embed code which is… where is it? Right here. Get the old embed code.

Now, if you are… and when you use the old embed code, you need to know that…well, it doesn’t really matter actually. You can use the regular embed code for embedding the video onto your page. You don’t have to use the old embed code for that. You can use this for embedding the video on your page. However, if you are… when you’re going to write your sitemap, what you want to do is include the value from the old embed code.

So anyway, that’s that. How to create a video sitemap, 2 excellent resources to look at and having a video sitemap is critical to having your stuff found. So you want to make sure that all your videos are… to the extent that you want your videos found by Google, you want to make sure that you have a video sitemap and follow these steps.

Okay, that wraps up the whole video sitemaps thing.

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