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How to Fix a Hacked WordPress Site – Part 3 – Backup Everything You Can

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In this session we show how to backup everything possible from the WordPress files and database manually. Since we can’t access everything from a hacked site, we get go to the root of the directory, select the WordPress files and compress them as a zip archive to create a copy of the whole thing.

Video Transcript

The next step for us to do is to backup our site. Now because we don’t have access to the administrative side of this site, we can really only do the minimum backup which means we’re going to backup all of our WordPress files and our database and we’re going to do these manually.

The easiest way for us to do this is to get to the root of our directory and select all of our WordPress files then right click on this and we’ll say compress. We’re going to compress it as a zip archive and just call this backup zip. When we zip it, what’s happening is it’s just creating a zip copy of the whole thing.

It’s not actually taking these files and zipping them. It’s something that just kind of sit here beside these files. It will be contained with these files. Give that just a moment to do its thing. So looks like we’ve got that all done. It says not all files are readable but it’s okay. We’ll just say it’s closed and we have a backup of all these.

Now we’re going to go to our database and back it up which means that we need to go back to our Bluehost control panel and we’re going to go over to the PHP MyAdmin. I remember the name of that database was word5 so that’s the database that we will be taking a look at here. We’ll select word5 and all we’re going to do with this is download it.

While we’re looking at word5, we’re going to check all. Come over here to select it and say export. We’ll go ahead and just do a quick export and it automatically is exported down or downloaded directly to your computer so we’ve got an export version of this available now. That’s all the backing up that we can do.

Now if we had access to our control panel, I would suggest doing a couple of other things. I would suggest that you go in and you export your posts and pages. If you’re using Thesis or Genesis or a theme that has theme options, I would export the theme options.

If you’re using a plugin like Wishlist Member or Shopp or some of these other plugins that allow you to export your plugin options then I would export plugin options as well. We’ll take a look at doing a little bit of that here when we backup after the system is all working correctly but because we don’t have administrative access, we can’t do this kind of backing up.

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