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How to Fix a Hacked WordPress Site – Part 8 – Backup the Repaired Site

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In this session we show how to backup the repaired site and discuss the different backup procedures to recover from the damage hacking has done.

Video Transcript

We’re going to backup this site. Now had this person backed this site up this way in the past, we wouldn’t had to go through all the rest of this procedure. We’re doing this procedure because there was no backup. Had there been a backup of the site and had she had a regular backup procedure then we would have just restored her site from her backup and all would have been okay. But because she didn’t have any backups, we had to go through this procedure instead.

What we’re going to do now is perform an automatic full backup then we’re going to do a manual database backup and we’ll do a manual export of posts and pages and a manual export of our theme files so that we have these things available to us in case that we need to recover from this. Okay so that’s next.

Here we are at BackupBuddy. I’m going to come over here to backup and actually, I’m going to set my password first. Okay and I want to make sure that we go ahead and we’re not going to backup toss. We’re not going to backup CGI bin but we are going to do everything else. We’re going to get all tables, not just the WordPress tables. We’re going to save those settings and we’re going to come over to backup and do a complete backup.

Now our backup is completed. The next thing we’re going to do is backup the database manually and we’ll do that again from PHP MyAdmin. One more time, we’ll come up here and check all of those tables then we’ll say export and go. The final two steps of this will be to come over to tools and export. This is where we’re going to export our database… I mean, not export our database but export all of our content.

We’ll download an export file and you can use this to… if we go back… if we have to, at some point create the site from scratch, we can import this file using the same opposite tool, right? The import tool, import that XML file and that will restore all of our posts, our pages and menus and that kind of stuff. We’ll do the final thing with Thesis. We’ll go to manage options and we’ll come over here and say download all options.

Now we have a full backup of the site, a manual backup of our database, a manual backup of all of our posts and pages and a manual backup of our Thesis options. We can recover from a variety of disasters at this point. What we want to do now is obviously, take all of these files and put them in a safe place so that we remember where they are and we can get to them when we have another crisis.

While we’re at here, we’re just going to go ahead and update to WordPress 3.4.1. Okay, our site is all the way updated and all that stuff is taken care of.

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