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How to Fix a Hacked WordPress Site – Part 7 – Scan the Site for Malware

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In this session we show how to scan the site for malware using BackupBuddy and to make sure everything is working fine. We check for updates and talk about the security plans with BackupBuddy to report threats.

Video Transcript

Now the next thing we’re going to do is scan our site just to make sure we’re all okay. What I’m going to do first is scan the site using BackupBuddy. We’ll go to Plugins, install plugins then add new and upload. Choose the file and I’m going to upload BackupBuddy. Okay, I’m going to go ahead and attach the license. I’m going to check for the updates. Try that again. Okay, generate a key. Okay, the site’s successfully licensed. We’ll log out. Check for updates. Go ahead and update to the latest version. Okay, go to our BackupBuddy.

Really, the first thing I’m going to do is just do this malware scan. Okay so no malware has been detected. It likes everything. It’s got no bad Javascript, no… the external Javascript’s okay. The iframes are all okay. It doesn’t have any blacklist status. So based on BackupBuddy, it’s fine.

Now we’re going to do one other thing and that is use this Sucuri. Now this is what I recommend you do to protect yourself after you’ve taken care of a whole bunch of other things is that you look at one of these Sucuri plans. With Backup Buddy, this is a pretty substantial reduction in price for using this. It’s like $89 for one site a year rather than $76 so you might want to follow that link after you’ve installed your BackupBuddy.

What we’re going to do here, at the moment, is just scan the site. Remember this Okay, it’s done a quick little check. It also reports no threats are found. So we are in pretty good shape here. That brings us to the next thing then.

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