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How to Fix a Hacked WordPress Site – Part 4 – Upload New Files

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In this session we show how to move everything that currently exists to a toss file and upload the necessary files for WordPress. We also show how to extract files and install them.

Video Transcript

The next thing we’re going to do is upload the necessary files. That means that we have to go get WordPress and get those plugin files so we’re going to start off with that. We’re going to come over here to and go to plugins. We’ll go ahead and download Jetpack and Akismet comes right along with it. But Really Simple Facebook Twitter is what we need so let’s try that.,

Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share Buttons, that’s this one here and that’s been recently updated so we’ll go ahead and download that one. Actually, we’re not using 2011 so I don’t think we need the 2011 theme extensions so I’m just not going to download that one. We do want the Ultimate Tiny MCE so we’ll go ahead and download that. Wiziapp might be one of those plugins that is automatically… oh no, Wiziapp is this create your own native iPhone app. We’ll go ahead and download that one as well. We’ve got all of our plugins.

Now let’s go back to the home and let’s download WordPress 3.4. We want 3.4 which means we need to find the older versions. Release archives is what we’re looking for. We’re going to come down here to look for 3.4. I must have gone past the… beta and release candidates,  this is the one we want. We want 3.4 so I’m going to go ahead and download the zip version of 3.4. Now we’ve got all of these things that we need to upload.

Now the next thing to do is to go back to our control panel. We’re actually back to our File Manager and we’re going to create a folder that we’re going to use to throw things away and it’s going to be called toss. We’re going to say okay, new folder and it’s going to be called toss. Create that new folder. Then inside that new folder, we are going to move everything that exists right now. We’re going to move that to toss so we’re not actually deleting these files. We’re just moving the files so that if we need to get access to them, we’ll be able to get access to them.

Now moving the files like these is going to kill the site. At this point now, the site is no longer going to resolve and is no longer going to work. That’s going to be the case until we get the new files uploaded and configured. Let’s just see whether or not that happened. It didn’t happen. Okay, let’s try that again. We’ll just wait for that to complete now, I guess. That did that and now we have everything is in toss including that backup file, right?

The next part of this then is to create what’s ultimately going to be our new wp-content directory but we can’t call it wp-content because we still need to install stuff. We’re going to just create a new folder and it’s going to be called new wp-content. Inside of new wp-content, we will create a couple of directories. A new folder and we’ll call it plugins then another new folder and we’ll call it themes. Into plugins, we’ll upload our plugins and into themes, we’ll upload a copy of Thesis 1.8.4.

Let’s start off with the plugins. We’ll go ahead and say upload and then I’m going to choose these files. We do it by date right now. So that’s Wiziapp, Ultimate Tiny MCE. It’s only going to let me do it one a time so choose another file. Really Simple… choose another file, Jetpack. Okay so that one’s complete. That one’s complete. That one’s complete and this one is complete. Oh, well it’s not quite complete. Okay so we’ve completed doing all of those. If we go back to the folder now, we’ve got these things.

Now what we need to do is extract them. We’ll just say extract files, close. So we’ve got Jetpack. Jetpack is there and then we’ll extract and we’ll extract and we’ll extract. Okay so we’ve got those. We’ll come back and clean up by deleting these things. But we’ve got our plugins now extracted into there.

Now the next thing we’re going to do is go up a level to themes and we’re going to add Thesis. So we’ll say upload again, choose a file. I just don’t want to do it by name. So I’m looking for Thesis 1.8.4. That’s been uploaded. We’ll go ahead and extract it. What we’re going to do is in Thesis 1.8.4, we’re going to take the custom files from the old Thesis 1.8.4 and move them to the new Thesis 1.8.4. So now we’ll come back over here to toss and wp content and themes and thesis_184 and take this custom folder and we’re going to copy it.

We’re going to copy it to new wp-content themes thesis 1.8.4. So we’re copying it over to the new place, say copy. Give it a minute to complete that operation. Okay, we’ve got our custom folder there now. It’s got the cached images, the custom CSS and the custom functions.php. I’m just going to take a quick look at custom functions.php to see if there is any suspicious looking code there. There’s no code there at all so we’re safe.

The last thing to do here is something very similar and that is to copy our uploads folder over. So we’ll come back over here to toss and wp-content and our uploads folder. Typically these bad files don’t end up in the uploads folder so we’re going to go ahead and copy it to new wp-content. Now the uploads folder is a place where the media library is and that kind of stuff.

We’ve uploaded our plugin and theme files. We’ve copied our media library files and we copied those customization files. Now we’re going to upload the WordPress core files and this is going to look very much like a typical manual WordPress installation. If we go back to Vashte and now what we want to do is upload WordPress 3.4. We’ll open up 3.4, wait for that to upload. Okay that upload is complete so we’ll come back to our root.

We have 3.4 there so now we’re going to extract it. Then we’re going to have to move it because it’s inside this directory in WordPress. We’ll just take everything that’s here and then we’re going to move it to Vashte. Okay so we can go up a level and now here we are in the main root. We’ve got all those things here. We can go ahead and delete this WordPress 3.4 directory… I mean, zip file. We’ve got this wp-content folder.

We can go ahead and delete that because we don’t need it. We don’t need this WordPress folder anymore so we’ll delete it. Now we’re going to rename new wp-content to wp-content. We’re going to rename to wp-content and now we’re prepared. We’ve uploaded all of our files and we’re prepared.

The next thing for us to do is to run the WordPress installation.

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