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How to Fix a WP Site that is Totally Screwed Up! – Part 3 – Deactivate Plugins

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Now that we’ve talked about the 4 main places serious problems can exist in WordPress website, we’re going to go through the steps to check each of those areas on the site.

Rick: Okay so go ahead and open up a browser and go to your cPanel.

Peter: Are you seeing that now?

Delete Caching Plugin Files

Rick: Yes. One of the actions that we’re going to need to do here you can’t do as a root user so we are going to need to try and get the right password. But before we do that, why don’t you open up File Manager right there in the middle, there you are. So open up wp-content and see at the bottom where it says, advanced-cache-php and wp-cache-config, delete both of those.

Peter: So delete that one?

Rick: Yes.

Peter: Delete.

Rick: Delete the one at the bottom and then delete the cache folder.

Peter: The one at the top?

Rick: The one at the top, right. Okay then open up plugins and delete both of those, both wordpress-firewall and and firewall-2.

Peter: Yeah, I was asked by my host a few days ago, I’ve not used it in the past myself.

Rick: Okay.

Peter: I think when you take all the security measures you don’t really need that.

Rick: No and that is the sort of thing that can interfere with DNS resolution and stuff like that. In fact, now that you’ve removed that, let’s see if I can get there because that might have been something that was preventing me from getting access to the site. Although it doesn’t look like it, I’m still not resolving.

There must be a server in between your site and me that is misbehaving so let’s go ahead and leave this open but open up your website as well. Okay, and let’s go into the dashboard so you must click on XEED Health up there at the very top, the admin dashboard where it says that up there in the dashboard.

Peter: Yes. Okay.

Deactivate Plugins

Rick: And let’s go to Plugins and deactivate Akismet.

Peter: It’s done.

Rick: Okay, so let’s check the behavior of the site right now and see whether or not images are showing up on pages. Isn’t one of the problems that images in Image Library wouldn’t show up on a page?

Peter: Well, the images I put in for the header on Agility Nude skin, I put 4 images in for responsive skin.

Rick: And that was the only one that had a problem? That was the only time you had image problems?

Peter: Yes, yes.

Rick: Okay so there aren’t any problems that you had with your site that we can check right now?

Peter: No. Well, just to give you a really good idea what happened, this website was the one I set for somebody else about 2 to 3 months ago. I wrote different pages and I put like 4 of them and then they were waiting for some information from their medical college to go on with the pages so the site just sat there doing nothing for a few weeks. Then suddenly I got a call from my host saying that it was creating high load and they’d had to close the site. A couple of days before that I had a message saying that there was a problem. In fact, I put it on the forum. There was a problem in accessing the images that I’ve put in the library and I never resolved that particular problem because I was there and hit by this high load and from there on I just got down hell.

Rick: Okay, so let’s go ahead and let’s activate Thesis and do some troubleshooting.

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