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How to Fix a WP Site that is Totally Screwed Up! – Part 9 – Identify and Replace Offending Template Elements

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I think this is where we were so we’re kind of all the way back to the very beginning where we started trying to solve this problem. So we’re going to leave it right here and come over to header area. We were having a problem with 800 and 500 and this is tablet portrait which I think is the oh no, okay so let’s just see whether or not that file exists. No, that file does not exist. It doesn’t exist because we no longer have that stuff in it, no longer have anything uploads.

Let’s delete all those, save that image, refresh this. Okay, “getimagesize Filename cannot be empty”, let’s say none for the moment to this to overwrite content there, okay. I am actually going to delete this box entirely and see if that solves the problem. Then I’m going to add a new box and we’ll go back to the 1 Column Header again and drag that into this, save the template. Actually, let’s go the Front page template and let’s add that Agility 1 Column Header into this template.

Add a New Agility 1 Column Header Box

Agility 1 Column Header, that should be deleting that old one from everything. Okay, that should take us to our Front page which shouldn’t have a problem anymore and same thing, it takes us to our Front page without the problem. So what we’re guessing here is that there is some little glitch in the database that is preventing these options from working correctly and we’re determining that based on looking where the problem actually exists.

Now, it’s failing because the header image doesn’t exist and actually, let’s go take a look at the old site for just a second here in File Manager. We don’t have an old copy of the wp-content folder so we don’t have any uploads currently except for we do have 07 now. No, we don’t, 08 and now that we have 08 we have these images.

Pardon me, let’s take a look at what the Media Library says that we have in terms of images. So we do have these images here, these are all GIF images. So we have all of our images there and we’ll take the big image. Just in case you’re wondering, I did not see the solution going this way.

I assumed based on all of the excitement around this that the problem was going to be bigger than it is. It doesn’t look to me like it is a particularly big issue. Okay, header image and it’s going to be a Typical 1 Column Header. We’ll start off with just a single header image and hit save, we’re going to refresh this page.

Add Different Image Sizes

No problem, our header image works just fine there and it just gets smaller and smaller. Okay, so now what we want to do is add those other images. We’ll pick this one, this is the 800 pixel one. Let’s see, this was the 1008, we’re done with that. This one is the 800 so we’ll place that one there, this one is the 500 and this one is the 300. If this doesn’t fall apart we will have solved the problem.

You see it’s switching images just fine and if we look in the responsinator, we got a nice small image there just fine. We get that image just fine so there should be our 300, this should be showing our 500 image and that is doing so. Our 500 image, this is our 800 image, yeah okay. So actually, I think we fixed the screwed up site.

We’ll take a look at this, we’re going to just go through and make sure that all of our templates are set up where they should be but I believe we have solved the problem in a way that it didn’t really expect to solve it.

The Home page is right, okay where did it go, Typical 1 Column Header. Let’s go over to our Page template, Typical 1 Column Header, we’ll go to our Archive template and we’ll go to our No Sidebars template. Whoops, what’s this? Oh, this has the 2 Column Header in it, okay.

So if we jump around here a little bit we are all the way back to lurking and if we go to our Manager, let’s create a new backup, let’s see, “After Fix”, let’s look at CSS so we definitely are not. Actually we do have an error here which is likely to be causing us problems. We’ve got this &archive_intro with these things sitting in front of it and then &top_menu, we’re going to go ahead and &top_menu_area and save that. Let’s refresh this again, make sure everything is working the way we expect it to work. Okay.

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