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How to Fix a WP Site that is Totally Screwed Up! – Part 6 – Install a Clean Copy of the Skin

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So let’s get back to solving this. I’m going to recap the steps that we have taken so far in resolving this screwed up WordPress site. We went through all the plugins and ended up deactivating them and solved a variety of little plugin issues that existed. But those didn’t solve the problem on the site.

We couldn’t determine whether or not the problem existed in Thesis only because it’s a Thesis specific problem. So if you switch back to the standard theme, Twenty Thirteen, the problem goes away but that is not helpful because the problem is a problem with the functionality inside of Thesis. So once we were able to discount the possibility of the plugin being an issue.

Update Thesis and Agility Skin

Next we have to figure out how to fix Thesis and so that’s where we are right now, how to fix Thesis and the very first step in fixing Thesis is updating all of the skins, boxes and packages and seeing if the problem goes away.

I’m going to be really disappointed if the problem goes away here if we do that because we actually tried this once upon a time before and it did not go away. However, there is an update available so we’re going to go ahead and update to Thesis 2.1.2 giving us the latest version of Thesis. And we’re going to go get the latest version of Agility.

Check the File Permissions

Okay it says, “Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads201308. Is its parent directory writable by the server?”, that’s a good question. It’s an unfortunate problem but let’s go take a look at that.

We weren’t able to install this so now what we’re going to do is visit the site in FileZilla. Go to the bottom here. Visit the site in FileZilla and take a look at our wp-content well, let’s first look at wp-content and make sure it’s writable, wp-content.

Okay, so permissions 0755, that’s fine for wp-content that’s what it needs to be. Uploads is 0755, everything else is 0755 too but look at that, permissions on 2013 are 000 which means that nobody can do anything so we’re going to try and adjust file permissions here. What we really want is 755. We don’t want the files to be 755 we only want directories to be 755. Files should be 664 something like that.

The server prevented us from making that change so we are going to go into the cPanel then and make a change there, wp-content, permissions is 755. Here it is, so 0755 just to make sure that that’s what that is. Yeah it is 0755, okay.

So let’s see if that changed in FileZilla, it did okay so now we can go ahead and try it again in the web browser. Let’s upload our skin, okay to that, let’s just refresh this, close out all of those Javascript Ajax messages, click upload skin, choose the file, agility_nude, open, and add skin.

So our permissions setting change there worked and now we’re going to activate the skin. Next we’re going to come over to the editor, we’re going to see what exists here. Go to Manager, okay so we’ve got our old restore points here. Let’s go ahead and view the site.

That’s not looking good, that suggests well, it’s looking good for the seminar because we can keep on trying to solve problems but it’s not looking good for the problem solving because it doesn’t look like it’s going to resolve correctly.

We have an internal server error.Let’s try restoring defaults for just a second here. Restore defaults, we won’t restore default packages yet and we won’t restore default boxes or templates. Let’s just restore all the rest of these defaults and see what happens here.

I think what’s happening is the server is crashing. Let’s go to Thesis and see. Yeah, we lost the site entirely so we’re going to come back to thesis, skins, agility_nude and delete it, refresh it, okay. So we are okay here, now let’s see.

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