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How to Fix a WP Site that is Totally Screwed Up! – Part 5 – Resolve Permission Issues & Install a Clean Copy of Thesis

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Now that we’ve done some troubleshooting with Thesis 2.1 it’s time to resolve permissions issues on this WordPress website.

Install Thesis Manually

Rick: Open File Manager, let’s just create that folder ourselves, let’s create that manually. In fact, what we’re really going to do is skip using the installer. So open up wp-content, we’re going to install it manually, get past this writing issue.

Peter: Okay.

Rick: Open up themes and then hit upload which is up on the top up there, a little higher, a little higher, off to the left, it says Upload.

Peter: That one?

Rick: Yeap and pick your Thesis so hit Browse.

Peter: So hit Browse?

Rick: Yeah, you’re at the Browse in there just a moment ago.

Peter: Oh, sorry that one, yeah.

Rick: Now, pick Thesis again where it happens to be.

Peter: Yeap.

Rick: Okay. As soon as this is done uploading.

Peter: Yeah, it says complete on there.

Rick: Okay then see where it says back to /home/peter129/publick_html/wp-content/themes dead center of the screen? Click on that and then go ahead and click back to /home/peter129/publick_html/wp-content/themes right there in the middle.

Peter: This one here.

Rick: Yeap. Okay, right click on and hit unpack or extract.

Peter: Extract, yeap. It’s looking healthier.

Rick: Way healthier. Okay go ahead and hit close.

Peter: Yeah.

Rick: Refresh this. Well actually, there’s a little reload button right there that would’ve reloaded it in the same spot but that’s okay. Let’s go back to wp-content and themes and let’s look and see where you are. Themes, okay so leave that open, go back to your dashboard and go back to Manage Themes.

Peter: Yeap.

Rick: We should have Thesis sitting in there now.

Activate Thesis Theme

Rick: Okay, I want you to activate Thesis. Go to Manage Skins and I want you to hit update BYOB Agility Nude, it’s the green button there. It’s a green button that says Update BYOB Agility Nude.

Peter: I’m sorry, that one?

Rick: Yeap.

Peter: Yeah, right.

Rick: Go ahead and click here to finish. Now, leaving this window open, right click on View the Site so we can see this in another browser window.

Peter: Right, yeah.

Rick: Open link in new tab that will work. You know you could probably turn off both of those Citrix Online tabs just to reduce the number of tabs you have going at the same time.

Peter: Yeah. I have some trouble with Citrix Online.

Rick: You don’t need either of them.

Peter: The link they kept giving me just wouldn’t connect. Eventually it did do.

Rick: Okay, so I want to look at whoops, we’ve got a 500 internal error now. Server encountered an internal error, okay. So this is where we were this morning so go back to the other tab, okay and scroll down and activate Thesis Classic 1.0.3. No, don’t activate that one, go down lower.

Peter: It’s that one there, right?

Rick: No, not that one. Activate Classic Responsive.

Peter: Classic Responsive, that one there?

Rick: Yeap, that’s the one, activate it.

Peter: Yeap. Refresh I’m not seeing it clear, is it?

Rick: No, that didn’t clear it. So then go to the File Manager and cPanel.

Peter: File Manager?

Rick: Yeah and open up Thesis. No, not there though, I want you to go to yeah, okay File Manager and I want you to open up wp-content and then thesis, thesis, skins, right click on byob_agility_nude and hit delete. Okay, I want you to go back over to your WordPress dashboard now and see if it’ll start back up again.

Peter: Okay.

Rick: Okay, so we have some kind of an incompatibility there with well, not with Classic but with Agility and apparently with the latest copy of Agility as well as the old copy of Agility.

Peter: Yeah, a few days ago my host said that they suspected there was an incompatibility between the theme, they didn’t exactly say what but the theme and WordPress. That was their explanation.

Rick: Yeah. I don’t think that well, this would be the first time I’ve seen that reported. I’ve never worked with this host before so my guess is…let’s go and see if we can do something in Classic Responsive. Let’s see if we can make a change in Classic Responsive so go to Skin Design.

Peter: Skin Design, yeap.

Rick: And hit the Thesis color scale and let’s change the colors and see if saving works, so just pick a color in there, any color doesn’t matter which one.

Peter: Pick any color.

Rick: Yeah, go ahead and hit Save Design Options and then let’s look at the site. You can close that 500 internal server error one.

Peter: I just did, yeah.

Rick: Okay, let’s look at the site. Okay so that changed those colors just fine.

Peter: Yeah.

Rick: And the image is showing up, I just saw.

Peter: Yeah, that image, both of those were not in the Media Library I think I just send to them in the text editor.

Rick: As a permalink from some place else?

Peter: I just got to the text editor.

Rick: You can go hit Edit Page and see. Edit Page right there at the top off to the right.

Peter: Edit Page, yeah?

Rick: Yeah.

Peter: You see it’s very slow this afternoon, really really not an indication of anything. Yeah, I just paste it in there.

Rick: Well, show me the text view.

Peter: Yeah.

Rick: Flip to text view so I can see it.

Peter: Yeah.

Image Code Not Added Properly

Rick: Now scroll back down to the image. That’s it. That’s it right there and what you did was you pasted in the raw code for the jpg. Well, that’s not the right way to do that and it’s likely to cause you problems down the road. I would immediately switch over to visual and delete both of those images. Just click on the image, you should be able to delete it after you click on it so go ahead and hit delete and do that with the next one too.

Peter: Yeah, should be both be gone? Should be. I don’t seem to get it for some reason.

Rick: Well, you can click on it again and just hit your delete key. Okay, so you may need to go back into your text view and delete all that crazy stuff out of there. Go back to the text view and let’s get rid of all that code. So just go all the way to the top and then scroll down slowly till we find all that.

Peter: I think it’s gone actually.

Rick: Oh, you just think it took time.

Peter: Yes.

Rick: Okay. So go ahead and hit update and then once you’ve done that let’s try and insert it using the Media Library. Put your mouse where you want the image and then hit Add Media.

Peter: Let me just make sure it’s in the Media Library first.

Rick: Well, you don’t have to do that first, you can do that as we go along.

Peter: Okay.

Rick: It doesn’t have to be in the Media Library first.

Peter: Right, okay. That’s one of them there.

Rick: Well, we can worry about that part of it in a second, I want to test the insertion of the image so just put your mouse some place else and click Add Media and then click upload file and go find a file to upload and insert.

Peter: I think that’s the right one.

Rick: It’s a very poorly named file for a website because it has spaces and stuff like that. Yeap. Oh, no we still have this error that I thought it might be related to the zip file but it’s clearly related to server settings. At the moment, you’re not able to create that directory.

Peter: Alright.

Resolve Permissions Issues with Host

Rick: Okay, here’s my suggestion because what we’ve done here is sort of just the basic level of problem solving and what I need you to do is get to your host and make sure that they return to you editing permissions so that WordPress can create folders and save files and that kind of stuff. Don’t do anything but that first and once you have that done, find out from them whether or not they blocked my IP address and if they did have them unblock that so I can log in.

Peter: Alright.

Rick: And then what we’re going to do is come back to that.

Peter: Okay, do I need to tell them what your IP is?

Rick: No, they will know right off the batt whether or not they blocked an IP address.

Peter: Okay, right, right.

Rick: Right, they might have decided that since I was logged in to your account they thought you were being attacked, that they knew your IP address so they killed mine, right?

Peter: Right.

Rick: And I was obviously moving all around your account so I think that’s what happened. I can think of you know, ordinarily if it’s a router issue you know, it gets solved within 2 hours and I haven’t been able to get on your site for 2 hours.

Peter: Yes, that sound to make sense. Okay.

Rick: Okay, and then what we’ll do is we’ll just come back to this when I can be in control of adding, uploading, adjusting and managing, okay?

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