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How to Fix a WP Site that is Totally Screwed Up! – Part 8 – Restore Broken Skin Settings

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Next what we’re going to do is we’re going to install that skin again and see if we can export its settings first. We may be able to export its settings so we’ll do that again. We’ll choose the skin, we’ll go back to agility_nude this time because I would like to try and recover anything that was already done.

But we’re just going to preview it in development mode and then in development mode we’re going to come over to the editor. That’s not crashing it, to the Manager and we’re going to export that version of it and this version of it.

Actually, I think we’ll go ahead and export this version of it and then export this version of it. Now, at this point it may make sense to simply attempt to restore the July 19th condition. So let’s try that. Okay, we’ve just restored the July 19th, what happens if we okay. So this was actually the original warning we started off with, “failed to open the stream. No such file or directory”.

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