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How to Fix a WP Site that is Totally Screwed Up! – Part 4 – Troubleshoot Thesis 2.1

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So we’ve deactivated plugins and deleted caching files and now it’s time to move on to troubleshooting any issues with the theme, Thesis 2.1.

Rick: Go to Appearance and Themes.

Peter: So about 10 minutes ago I got an email from my host saying they’ve moved into the home directory because it was starting to create a high load again.

Rick: They moved what into the home directory?

Peter: The Thesis folder.

Rick: But all you have to do right now is just go to Appearance and Themes, right? I mean that’s what I really want to see.

Peter: Right, Themes it’s not happening, why?

Rick: Well, you’ve got AVG doing something here.

Peter: Yeah. I’m just wondering what that can be doing?

Rick: Because if we can’t get into Appearance and Themes then we definitely have a WordPress problem.

Peter: AVG shouldn’t be causing the problem there.

Rick: I think what it’s really doing is it’s showing a 404 error and then AVG is offering you some advertising.

Peter: Oh, yeah could be, could be yeah.

Rick: So then let’s go back to your admin panel and go up the dashboard.

Peter: You see being very slow at the moment, I wonder that’s an indication.

Rick: Okay. Now, try going to Appearance and Widgets. Okay, now try going to Appearance and Themes.

Peter: Yeah.

Rick: Okay, so we’ve got Twenty Ten. So go back to your File Manager and cPanel I want to see what files you have and where you have them. While we’re sitting here, right click on the word “WordPress” on the folder wordpress and delete it.

Peter: That one there?

Rick: Yes.

Peter: Delete, yes.

Rick: And then I don’t see a folder in here that says thesis anywhere, you said they put it in the root?

Peter: They said they put it in the home directory.

Rick: In the home directory, I don’t see it over there either. Oh, yeah I do. I see they’ve got themes over there in the home directory.

Peter: Yeah.

Rick: Open up wp-content for me where we are.

Peter: wp-content

Rick: And open up thesis

Peter: And themes?

Misnamed File

Rick: Nope, thesis and skins. Okay, see how byob-maintenance-mode has a 1 after it?

Peter: Yes.

Rick: It’s going to make it fail so let’s delete that one, let’s rename that so the 1 is gone.

Peter: Yeah. Come on. Where is that?

Rick: It’s down there at the bottom, is that’s where you changed it?

Peter: I’m not sure of this delete.

Rick: No, it didn’t do it. Go ahead and do it again, right click on it and say Rename and then look at the

Peter: Sorry, I don’t know.

Rick: Just go up one level, there’s the little thing that says up one level, right at the top.

Peter: I’m looking for it.

Rick: Yeah, it’s right there right up, there you go, next one over, up one level.

Peter: Right, yes.

Rick: Okay, now right click on that and say Rename, try it again, right click on it and say Rename.

Peter: Rename, that’s it.

Rick: I don’t think it happened, oh there it is. See down the bottom where it says byob-maintenance-mode1, that’s where you change it.

Peter: I’ve got it now, right.

Rick: Okay. So that’s one problem that may have been an issue that is solved.

Peter: I don’t know that causes the problem.

Rick: Oh, no it will absolutely cause a problem. That’s the problem that you mentioned earlier today.

Peter: Interesting.

Rick: This stuff is not intended to allow changes in the name of the folder and this has happened a hundred times since Thesis 2 came out. I mean this happens in lots and lots and lots of sites and so I know it absolutely. Actually, open up byob_agility_nude for a moment, open that folder and then click edit skin.php so right click on skin.php. Yeah, right click on it and say Edit.

Peter: Edit.

Rick: And hit edit again.

Peter: I’m sorry?

Reinstall Thesis 2.1

Rick: Hit Edit again. Okay, you’ve got 1.0.9 there, okay that’s fine. Go ahead and close it. Okay, let’s go back to WordPress, not in the control panel but back to your WordPress dashboard and do you have a clean copy of Thesis 2.1 some place on your computer?

Peter: Yes.

Rick: Okay, one that you know is not corrupted?

Peter: Yeah, I downloaded one two days ago. Hang on, Thesis 2.?

Rick: 1

Peter: Yes, I think I do, yes.

Rick: Okay, click on Install Themes right at the top.

Peter: Themes, yeap.

Rick: And click Upload.

Peter: Yeap.

Rick: And browse to the location of the clean copy, of uncorrupted copy of Thesis 2.1. What we’re talking about is not Agility but Thesis 2.1.

Peter: No, I thought I had one in there, Rick.

Rick: Okay, so log in to your DIY Themes account.

Peter: There’s a Thesis 2.0.1.

Rick: No, that’s not it.

Peter: 2.0.1 no.

Rick: Okay log in to your DIY Themes account and download a clean copy. So that’s just

Peter: That one there?

Rick: Yeah, right there, Download Thesis 2.1. What we’re doing here is making sure that we have an absolutely clean copy, uncorrupted copy of the files.

Peter: Yeah, and that’s it there.

Rick: Yeap. Okay.

Peter: So do you want me to?

Rick: So now let’s go ahead and choose that file from inside your dashboard where it says you know, Choose File?

Peter: Oh, it’s there.

Rick: Well, maybe the browser window opened up on another window some place.

Peter: Yeah, yeah it’s on another screen, yeah.

Rick: Okay.

Peter: And Install Now.

Rick: Okay, this is going to “Unable to create directory wp-contentuploads. Is its parent directory writable by the server?”, okay.

Peter: I haven’t changed any permissions on that.

Rick: Okay, well so we need to go back to your File Manager and cPanel.

Peter: Can we change it there where it is in the root?

Rick: Yeah, you can change it with the File Manager generally.

Peter: Right, okay. I got so many things going on here.

Rick: If you need to take a moment to kill a bunch of that stuff that’s in the way you can do that.

Peter: There it is.

Rick: It’s not WHM, we want to go into cPanel which is the next one over.

Peter: Yeap, and from there?

Rick: And from there we are going to the File Manager, not the Legacy File Manager but the File Manager.

Peter: Sorry, wrong one, wrong one. I’ve got the wrong one, where did it go? There it is.

Rick: And then well, it’s set at 0755.

Peter: Yeap, it should be all it need?

Rick: Let’s open it up, open up wp-content and look at uploads 0755.

Peter: Uploads, yeah.

Rick: And change it to 0775, hit Save.

Peter: Okay.

Rick: Let’s try that again. Maybe you want to drag those things closer to each other?

Peter: How do I drag it?

Rick: You know, I bet what you’re host did was block my IP address that is why everybody else could log in but I can’t because I still can’t. They know my IP address is different than yours and blocked my IP address. So I guess we just have to go back and try it again.

Peter: Go back to?

Rick: Back to the upload page.

Peter: The cPanel?

Rick: No, not cPanel but back to the upload page. Back to the Add New. I think you just hit your back button and you’ll be fine up above your mouse because we’re on the page now, there you go.

Peter: Yeah.

Rick: Okay, so just refresh this page, hit refresh. You see that circle up there or control F5?

Peter: Yeah.

Rick: Okay, now browse again. And pick thesis. Go ahead and click Install Now.

Peter: Yeah.

Rick: Okay, let’s go back to cPanel, it’s obviously having a writing issue.

Peter: Yeah.

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