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How to Fix a WP Site that is Totally Screwed Up! – Part 7 – Try to Replicate the Problem in a New Skin

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Let’s activate the skin for a moment, it’s really misbehaving. So then let’s activate Classic Responsive. Refresh it, okay. So Classic Responsive is working just fine and let’s try something else. Something that’s not on my list of things to try but we’re going to try a different skin. We are going to try the Carta skin and see what happens. We haven’t had anybody have trouble doing this. No, Carta did that just fine, okay so nothing wrong with Carta there.

This is actually leading me to believe that there is something wrong in the database with the database stuff on Agility Nude skin. So since it’s leading me to believe that, let’s come back to activate this. We’re going to take an intermediate step here and the intermediate step is to delete all of the Agility references from the database.

So we updated it the problem didn’t go away, we updated Classic Responsive and the problem does go away.

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