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How to Manually Clone Your WordPress Website

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Part 1 – Create a Copy of Source Site Files

This is the first in a short series on cloning your WordPress website and installing it on another domain. This can be useful when moving a site from a development server to its final live location. In this first lesson we will make a copy of the site files from the hosting control panel. The host in this example is Bluehost and the control panel is cPanel.

Video Transcript

So that’s what we’re going to do. We are going to learn how to manually create or learn how to manually clone our WordPress website and the main purpose for doing this is for porting your development site to its final domain.

Now as you probably have remember me saying on a number on occasions, really, the slam dunk easiest way to do that is with BackUp Buddy and that’s the way I do it. I don’t actually do it this way so I’m going to be just a little bit rusty with it but having said that, we’re going to show you how to do it by just creating everything manually.

And let’s see, so the first step is to make a copy of your site files. And so, that looks like logging in to your control panel and going into your File Manager, zipping up your files and downloading those files to your computer. And so, in my case, here I am at Blue Host which is where I have this installed and I am going to clone the membership website Lesson 4 or Week 4 that we just completed and I’m going to recreate it on a Week 5 domain.

And so, anyway, here I am on Blue Host and so we’ll go to the File Manager. You know there’s… there we go. And we will scroll down here until we find Week 4 and open it up and then what I’m going to do actually is I’m going to copy everything here. And then I’m going to compressed it. I’m going to compress it to a zip archive and it’s just going to be called… I’m going to call it site and compress the files.

Now you don’t have to zip it, right? You can always just download them directly using Filezilla and there’s no reason why that won’t work. That will in fact, work and it should work just fine. However, I want to save some time and I don’t think you really need any help with doing this kind of thing.

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