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How to Manually Clone Your WordPress Website – Part 4 – Create a Target Database and Database User

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This is the fourth in a short series on cloning your WordPress website and installing it on another domain. In this lesson we use cPanel to create a new database and database user.

Video Transcript

Okay so what I’m going to do is create a database the way I normally do which is back here at Bluehost. Let’s see, wrong Bluehost. Here under MySQL database, you can either do it here or you can use the wizard. But I just use this, MySQL database creation tool and we’re going to call it emember 5. Just so we can keep track of it, create that database.

Okay and then I’m going to create a user and that user is going to be emember 5. I usually use exactly the same… emember, let’s see. Where did I go? Nope, emember4, pardon me. That’s what I was trying to fix. Get rid of that e actually. I want to get rid of the e, put the r back in. emember 5, password is… for the time being, is just going to be my name and we are going to create that user and then we’ll go back and add permissions to the user.

So now our emember 5… let’s see, coming down here, we want to take emember 5 and add this user to this database, emember 5. So we’re going to add that and then once we’ve added it, we will need to give them all privileges. So we’ll go ahead and make those changes. Remember that the name of the database is byobwebs_emember5 and then remembering our password is Rick Anderson because we need that information here in just a moment.

Okay and I believe that’s the end of step 2… oh actually, that’s really end of step 3. We’ve exported.

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