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How to Manually Clone Your WordPress Website – Part 5 – Import the Source Database

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This is the fifth in a short series on cloning your WordPress website and installing it on another domain. In this lesson we use phpMyAdmin to import the source database into the target database.

Video Transcript

And now, we’re on to step 5 where we import the database. And we’re importing the database we exported to this new database that we have created. So the way we do that is to go back to phpmyAdmin and we just want to refresh this because emember 5 should show up in our scheme. Let’s see, local host, databases, emember 5 is the one we want. Okay and now what we’ll do is import.

And what we do is we browse and I placed that thing on my desktop so I just got to find it in my desktop. Great. Let’s do details and there it is. So we’ll just double-click on that and say go and it’s going to take all that database information and create all of the same database tables that we had before.

So the next thing is to go to our options table and change the website address. And this is not particularly painful but if we go to our… look for wp options table here and then look at the site URL, that site URL has the old site URL so we’re going to go ahead and change that. Actually, we have to change it by pressing the pencil and instead of week 4, it’ll be week 5 and say go. And then we’re just going to scroll down here for just a second to make sure there’s no other instance of… there it is. Line 37, change that also to week 5. Go and then I don’t think there’s any chance that there’s anything else.

Yeah okay, we’re good.

So we’ve now changed wp options.

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