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How to Manually Clone Your WordPress Website – Part 6 – Modify Target wp-config.php

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This is the sixth in a short series on cloning your WordPress website and installing it on another domain. In this lesson we modify the target wp-config.php files so that it has the new database name, username and password.

Video Transcript

Now the task is to change our wp config. And so, we are going to open up the copy of wp config, we’re going to change the database name, the username and the password and then it should work.

And so, we’ll go back to that in let’s see, C panel. No, pardon me, File Manager and wp config is in these new files that we just added. So if we scroll down here until we find wp config, select it and go to the code editor and then here’s our database name. We want to change emember 4 to emember 5 and emember 5 and then we want to… let’s see, Rick Anderson, change the database name. You know, I might have misspelled that database name and it might actually have the e in there. So we’re going to just come back and double check that real quick. It does have the e in there so the user name does not have the e but the database name does.

So we’ll go back over to that because it’s just not going to work if you don’t have everything exactly right. Where did my edit… it must be here. So it’s emember…emember 5 and changes. And now, we should be able to open this up, www.emember… No, no. What was it? It was… and this should work. Hot dog, it did.

So if we switched to wp-admin, it should be able to log in to the backside. Okay, we can get in to the backside. If we go down to setting… no, no, not those settings, to General Settings, we should have the correct URLs here because that’s what we changed in the database. Yup, week 5.

So we are good to go. If we come back over to the site for a second, we’ll just browse around and make sure the pages all work. Yeah, the pages all work. Let’s even make sure that the PayPal stuff works.

Okay, so there you go. That is how to clone a site and Cathy I’m going to undo your mic again. So do you have any questions about that?

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