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How to Manually Clone Your WordPress Website – Part 3 – Upload Source Files to the Target Site

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This is the third in a short series on cloning your WordPress website and installing it on another domain. In this lesson we will upload the copy of the source files to the target website root directory.

Video Transcript

And I’m going to select my site zip and if I was downloading it, I’d download it by selecting the download button and then I’d use Filezilla to upload it back to the right place. But since I’m doing this on the same hosting account, I’m just going to go ahead and copy this to the location where I want it to or actually, I’m going to move the file.

So right now, it’s in Week 4 and I’m going to move it to Week 5 which is the directory that I’ve created for this. It’s a directory and a subdomain that have already been created. And if you… I mean, you can just extrapolate from this wherever your… whatever the root of your website is going to be. That’s where you move these files.

So I’m moving the files and then I’m going to go up a level, go over to Week 5 which is here and now has site zip in it, right? I think I actually am going to need to shift and delete these files. And then I’m going to extract it. I’m going to, let’s see… yeah, extract the files.

And now, I have moved all of my site files. All of the files that I had in the old site, in the Week 4 site, are now in the same directory as my Week 5 site. So that’s Step 1 is copy those files and get them in the right directory.

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