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How to Setup an Affiliate System for Your Products – Part 3 – Configure Affiliate Links and Ads

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This is the third part in our tutorial series on how setup an affiliate system for your products. In this session, we show how to configure the affiliate links and ads for the WP Affiliate Platform plugin. We also review the flow of affiliate ads and links.

Video Transcript

Rick: Come back over here to this now that we’ve created this and come back over to Affiliate Plugin. And we’re going to say manage ads and then we’re going to create a banner or a link. In this case, it’s just going to be a link. And the link is… let’s see, add banner link. So the name of this is going to be… we’re just going to call it book link 1.

The target URL should be the landing page of this… what this is going to reference. And so for example, if we come back over to her site, she’s got this book that she’s selling. It is the “My Private Sessions” book. And so we want people to be directed to this book, to this page from this link. We don’t want them to go to the homepage. We want them to actually come directly to this page. And so what we need… so this is the page that they’re going to be directed to or the landing page they’ll be directed to. So that’s the target URL and we’ll place that there.

And then the text for this, the anchor text for this is going to be something different. And what this text should be is the text that you want your affiliate to be able to use in an email or in their webpage that will link to this page. And so what we’re going to do is… for the moment, we’re just going to take her title, “My Private Sessions: Intimate Secrets to Unlock Your Potential.” We’re going to take her title and we’re going to use that. “My Private Sessions: Intimate Secrets to Unlock Your Potential.” We aren’t going to use an image URL which means this is going to be a link, not a banner.

If you come over to my site for a second and you look at my version of the affiliate and look at manage ads you know, most of my ads are these banners. So you’ve got these various sized banners that you can use. And these various sized banners link off to these specific landing pages. I also have these links that you can use instead of a banner. And what we’re doing right now with Marty is we’re just doing a link.

And so we come back over here… so we’re not going to put an image there and then just a little bit of description. So this is going to be the… a link to the My Private Sessions book page and we’re going to save the banner. Okay and if we go to manage banners, we have this first link right here.

Now I recommend that you create a large number of links or you know, you create 3 or 4 different versions of this link text. And depending upon what you’re doing, you might want to create various versions of affiliate banners like this as well. I actually have some affiliate banners I need to create that are a little more generic. But nevertheless, you may end up creating images like this or have an artist create the images for you and those would stand in info link text.

But nevertheless, we’ve got this link text here and now actually, if I come back over to this setup and I refresh it, now here’s our book link 1. Here’s the banner link. And what I wanted to show you was, here’s the code. What this does is this creates a code that somebody can cut and paste that will automatically create this link.

So for example, let’s just put it in an email. If I create an email over here, mail… let’s see, let’s create a new email, compose. And let’s see, here’s a great book. I think what’s going to happen is once I save this… maybe it isn’t going to happen that way. Let’s change that. Let’s put it in a webpage. So I have a webpage here, for the time being, I’m just going to put this at the bottom of the Live Answers page, I think, just so you can see what it looks like. Hit update, view the page.

So here’s the link, “My Private Sessions: Intimate Secrets to Unlock Your Potential”. If you click on that link, it should take you directly to the landing page and it does. And it will have set a cookie in this browser, saying that I’ve… that that link sent this visit to the site. And if I made a purchase, this thing is smart enough to record the purchase but also to recognize that it’s recording the purchase of an affiliate. And so it’s not going to give an affiliate commission which is one of the nice things about this. Anyway, it reinforces or it enforces that rule that you can’t earn an affiliate commission on your own purchases.

And so anyway, that is… so that’s how you set up your initial link, how you set up the plugin, and how the regular plugin sign up works. In later lessons, I’m going to show you what it looks like when you’re managing affiliates or when you’re looking at sales and commission data, managing pay outs and that kind of stuff. And so we’ll come back at a later session and follow up on that. But this is how you do the basics of setting this up.

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